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英文文法.....請幫忙 2 >< thz

我想問問phrase 和clause 有多少種(eg.relative clause, noun clause, prepositional phrase) ? 如何分別和知道他是一個phrase或者是 clause?可否每種phrase 和clause,給我一些例子?

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    Phrase is a collection of words that is missing a subject, a verb , or a complete thought.

    Clause is a collection of words that has all subject, verb and a complete thought.

    For example,

    I run.

    I = subject, run = verb, and we understand this sentence fully.

    2nd example,

    I run to.

    This sentence has both subject and verb, but it does not tell us where do I run to. It is missing a complete thought.

    There are many types of phrase and clause. There are dependent and independent clasues, noun clause, adjective clause, adverb clause. Also, there are prepositional phrase, gerund phrase, participal phrase, infintive phrase, etc.

    One of Each!!!

    Dependent clause cannot stand by itself: When I come to United States

    Independent clause can stand by itself: I learn English

    Noun Clause in parenthesis: I saw (what you have done).

    Adjective clause in parenthesis: We need men (who are fearless).

    Adverb clause in parenthesis: Who took your place (while you were ill)?

    Prepositional phrase in parenthesis: I put the apple (on the table).

    Gerund phrase: (Skiing down the hill) is an exciting experience.

    Participial phrase : I saw a man (throwing a stone).

    Infintive phrase: (To learn English) is a great thing.

    Source(s): Myself~~
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