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艾爾斯 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

請高手幫忙一篇英文短篇作文 謝謝(急~

以生日為題材 ~ 內容要多用 first 和 after 這2個單字

像是 : first...after...之類的

文長約150-200字左右,內容不用很難 ~ 但文法要正確

我是男孩子 請以男生的立場寫

謝謝大家 ~


Lang, Yung-Tsai 可不可以請您幫我弄另一篇(),然後去您之前給我意見那兒還有我另外一篇那裡發表 ~ 因為這樣我能給您40點 而此篇我也可以給Sigma大20點,我非常謝謝您們的幫忙 ~ 感激 ^ ^

去給意見那兒只需用貼上就好了 ^ ^


不過依然謝謝你們囉 ^ ^

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  • Sigma
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    1 decade ago
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    My first birthday party

    My first birth party, as far as I can remember, was held when I was 5 years old. Because my parents were doing business overseas at that time, my grandma was the person who took care of me. She walked me to the kindergarten from the first day of attendence. After several weeks, she became sick, so I had to prepare everything for myself. I did not know anything about birthday party at all.

    One day, my best friend, Jimmy, asked me when I would have my birthday party and he wanted to join it. I had no knowledge about birthday partty at that time. I did not know how to answer his question. A few days later, when it was my birth date, I was surprised to find a birthday cake sit on my desk. All of friends and teachers in the kindergarten gathered to sing happy birthday to me. Jimmy's grandparents appeared and expressed their thankfulness that they could have such an honour to cerebrate my birthday. I was first shocked, becasue I did not know what had happened. After a few minutes, I was totally touched and also happy. That was my first birthday party. I can never forget such a warm experience in my life.

    Source(s): myself; 祝福心想事成
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My friends

    Benny and I have been long time friends since we were in the elementary school in our hometown.

    He is tall and thin. He is a boy who looks like a monkey. He has long arms that he can usually steal my ball in the baseball game. And he also has long legs that he runs away from me every time he grabs away my delicious breakfast. There is one thing I do not like about him. He is the boy who comes to school late every morning. He always needs to eat someone’s something to have energy to fool around in the school.

    He is the person who smiles all the time. If you come to my classroom, he is always surrounded by my classmates. It is because he is friendly and nice to get along with. He does not study hard, but he gets good grade almost in each test. Maybe he is very smart or he is just a real genie who is just smart enough and does not need time to study at all.

    A friend like him makes my life easy, happy and hungry every morning. Still I like him the most.


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    抱歉 傳錯檔案

    My friend’s birthday

    John is my best friend. He has been my best friend since we were very young. His birthday is coming. His parents want to give him a surprise party that he has never had before. I am going to help them.

    Here is my idea. First, I will give them a list of guest.

    2008-06-16 16:56:55 補充:


    2008-06-16 16:58:46 補充:

    And I will be the messenger to tell those friends that we are going to give him a surprise party. His dad and mom tell me that I need come out an idea to take him out when they put decoration in the house. All the food and drinks will be ready by the time comes.

    2008-06-16 17:00:21 補充:

    After that, it seems everything is ready. But I just cannot find an excuse to take him out of there. He is a boy who does not go out very often when we go home after staying 5 days in the school. I am so worried that I am going to ruin the party.


    2008-06-16 17:01:34 補充:

    Finally, his father just called two hours ago and solved the problem. One of their close relative is coming back to Taiwan for his birthday and they will go to the airport to pick her up. Oh, it is just a perfect way to take him back to his own party.

    完畢 希望有幫到忙

    Source(s): teaching + translation and experience
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