Is it necessary for women to say that their feminists, but "not the type that dislikes men"?

Is that really a common type? Are most feminists really against men or are these women defending themselves against a strawman?

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    1 decade ago
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    They are trying to have a bet each way as it were.

    Feminists, as they call themselves, or Misandrists to be more correct have had essentially nothing to do in regards to 'fighting for equality' since the early 1960s. Men and women were treated equally for a time.

    So with that 'victory' achieved (when men mistakenly gave women more rights than was truly necessary or healthy), instead they turned their efforts toward the subjugation and opression of men instead, and indeed, they are rather good at it.

    The root cause of this way of thinking is a hatred of men, often stemming from childhood sexual abuse where the woman then projects the actions of the perpetrator upon all men.

    The 'not the type that dislikes men' could perhaps be women that aren't true misandrists (or feminists as they would call themselves), wanting to seek maximum benefit for themselves from the opression of men for selfish reasons, rather than the misplaced hatred commond to misandrists.

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    1 decade ago

    I think most of what needs to be said has been said... from most of the women, actually. I guess I'd just like to give the impression that not all males believe religiously in the straw-man of the man-hating femi-nazi. There are generalizations and stereotypes coming from both sides - some women will generalize about bigoted males, and probably quite a lot more men will do the reverse. Wade through the trash, though, and in the end the point is about achieving social equality, and considering that it's women fighting for their rights, not the males, then no, I don't think you need to justify yourself like that.

    Edit: I really am amazed at the other male responses here, and even more so at the differences in thumbs up/down between the male and female posts. Pull your heads out of your own a***s, guys, and get educated on the topic. It's males like you who resist the move for equality that create the radicals in the first place. For christ's sake.

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    human beings have all sorts of reasons for disliking feminists. even nevertheless I do have faith there are greater that detest the guy besides as their ideals. And this could bypass the two methods. you may disagree with somebody's ideals and be respectful on the comparable time. for many themes, there does not could be an "us as against them" mentality. only in this communicate board, in case you do away with the labels, anti-feminist, non-feminist, feminist, I wager you will possibly see that folk actual choose countless the comparable issues. you only could placed down despite ideological goggles you take place to be wearing to ascertain it. Too usually, human beings decide somebody that proclaims they seem to be a feminist via each stereotype they have ever heard. Or thinks which you will have faith and believe each thing that gets placed obtainable. there is sturdy, there is undesirable, there is gruesome. It gets a splash redundant attempting to describe this...exceptionally if incredibly everyone seems to be caught of their ideals first of all. little need bothering after awhile. you may basically communicate see you later till you're blue in the face...after awhile you're handed out do to asphyxiation. And are you understood to any extent further effectual after all of it? No, yet now you have a headache. cope with human beings you come again for the era of by way of fact the persons that they are and which will greater probable carry approximately information others. It sounds exceptionally much too straightforward. If there are issues that concern you, no count you're not basically take a seat there and whinge approximately them...cope with it. despite in case you think of you're basically one may motivate somebody else and that ends up in a chain reaction.

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    In this forum it doesn't matter what you say-if you say you're a feminist some people will label you a man-hater.

    In the real world-people's reaction to feminism depends on how informed the people around you are about social issues (not how educated they are-how knowledgeable they are). If they know more than knee-jerk stereotypes about feminism-they usually agree equality is a good thing.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Most feminists aren't against men at all, but has the truth ever stopped stereotypes? I don't think so.

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    Feminism is about political, economic and social equality of the sexes. It is not anti-male. You don't need to hate people to feel entitled to equality with them. Any woman who cannot accept that she is a basic, fundamental feminist in this day and age is either a fool, pitifully uneducated or seriously oppressed.

    Any man who has a problem with all that just has problems in general. Some men may also be disadvantaged politically, economically or socially but feminism is not the cause of their disadvantage.

    That being said, women can harbour a certain disrespect (not hate) for LAZY and ignorant men who take their ability and potential for granted... It makes them DISCERNING of men, but not generally hateful or anti.

    It is normal and healthy to expect equal treatment in a democracy and to be discerning of other people. So it is not necessary for women to say "I'm a feminist, but..."

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    1 decade ago

    On this forum? I doubt it'd make any difference. I've repeatedly said that I'm a feminist as defined by a person who has "Belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes". Time and time again I've seen feminists here say this and give patient, serious answers to all manner of questions. Yet all feminists here seem to be perceived as radicals. The very word just seems to cause an instant knee-jerk reaction amongst many people. And I've also seen comments from some men, 'anti-feminists', that have led me to believe that many of these patient, serious answers that feminists give here ARE believed to be radical statements. To me this just seems crazy, if you asked anyone that knew me in real life they would say I'm just a normal, fair person. So that really has made me think that many of the people against feminists here aren't interested in constructive dialogue, they're just out to bash anything they can. You'll notice some bash traditional women too, just not so obviously.

    Some say they are for equality but then say 'the man should be the head of the house' etc. How is this in any sense an equal relationship? So some are against feminists because feminists want equal opportunity and aren't interested in gender roles.

    No, I'm not against men. I have good relationships with my partner, my father, my brother, my nephews and lots of wonderful male friends. I'm not going to listen to anyone that tries to tell me I'm against all men because that's just daft. These people are obviously incapable of viewing people as individuals. They're incapable of actually reading and taking note of what the feminists here are saying. And of course I'm generalising horribly here myself, but that's the general impression I get.

    So if someone says "I'm a feminist, but not the type that hates men" I'd be sympathetic as I know there are a very few feminists that DO dislike men, but I've only seen one or two on this forum (and they're not regulars) so I think it's a bit sad to have to state that here.


    April the Great > the feminists here sometimes say that in response to questions or comments stating that all feminists are ugly.

    Barry > men and women were treated equally in the 60's? Hm, so you're unaware that it only became illegal to pay women less than men in 1970 (in the UK)? Unaware that it only became illegal to sack a woman because she's pregnant in 1975? That women could only apply for a loan in their own names since 1980? That marital rape was only made illegal, after years of campaigning by feminists, in 1994? Perhaps you think a man being able to rape his wife is ok?

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    1 decade ago

    You'll notice that you never actually hear any feminists saying they hate men, it's a sterotype that anti fems say. Feminism is about recitifying situations where laws are unfair - there are still many countries where women are treated as 2nd class citezans.

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    1 decade ago

    Its the same as when you read an answer that says," I'm a feminist and I'm attractive." Umm if you have to keep saying something like that in hopes that people believe you, its probably not true, just wishful thinking!!

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    1 decade ago

    I don't understand why you guys don't understand what feminism is about! Are you educated? Seriously, I'm tired of stupid questions like this.... Feminism does not define someone! I'm not a man-hater but at the same time I am fed up with the fact that women are still not treated equally in this day and age, in many arenas! It's not a girls 'club' that exists for no reason except to hate men. Get educated! Read a little! Look in to history and how women did not have choices about their roles in society.

    by the by, in my experience, people who consistently accuse other's of having certain motivations are themselves guilty. I know that when these idiot men get on here and have a 'hate' rant against feminism, they themselves are 'women hater's', not the other way around. Perhaps they are gay and can't deal with that fact!

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