what are the best 80's movies?

give me your comments on my favorite 80's movies [what you like, what you didnt like or why, etc.] and if you have any suggestions of movies i might possibly like, let me know.

1. a nightmare on elm street

2. adventures in babysitting

3. big

4. the breakfast club

5. children of the corn

6. dirty dancing

7. ET

8. fast times at ridgemont high

9. ferris bueller's day off

10. footloose

11. girls just want to have fun

12. the goonies

13. halloween

14. the karate kid

15. license to drive

16. my best friend is a vampire

17. once bitten

18. pretty in pink

19. say anything

20. sixteen candles

21. st. elmo's fire

22. stand by me

23. teen witch

24. war games

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  • Proto
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    1 decade ago
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    Gotta include:


    Better Off Dead

    Beverly Hills Cop

    John Carpenter's the Thing

    Raising Arizona

    Real Genius



    The Empire Strikes Back

    The Princess Bride

    The Secret of My Success

    Top Gun

    Trading Places

    Great call on BIG, it's so often overlooked. Same with Adventures in Babysitting.

    Ferris Bueller, Karate Kid, Breakfast Club, Footloose and Fast Times are iconic while St Elmos, Pretty in Pink and Dirty Dancing aren't far behind.

    I don't list Fame of Flashdance because while they were HUGE successes that shaped 80's culture and fashion, the movies themselves weren't as good as some others.

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    25. Tootsie

    26. Seems Like Old Times

    27. Arthur

    28. Urban Cowboy

    29. Staying Alive

    30. Uncle Buck

    31. Summer Rental

    32. The Shining

    33. Rocky

    34. Superman

    35. Overboard

    36. Raising Arizona

    37. Mask

    38. Nat'l Lampoon's Vacation.....and many more...

  • 1. a nightmare on elm street- loved the first one all the others werent that AWESOME!!! bit the first one was scary and had a story to it

    2. adventures in babysitting- havent seen it

    3. big-thought this movie was great for kids to watch. it showed how its like to be an adult. letting kids know that have fun while you are a kid

    4. the breakfast club-havent seen it

    5. children of the corn-havent seen it

    6. dirty dancing-havent seen it

    7. ET-thought this was a very clever movie. its a classic. showing a kid (elliot) that he has no friends and he meets this alien that is left on earth. they start a bond and show love for eachother toward the end of the movie.

    8. fast times at ridgemont high-havent seen it

    9. ferris bueller's day off-havent seen it

    10. footloose-havent seen it

    11. girls just want to have fun-havent seen it

    12. the goonies- this was a great mystery and suspenseful kind of movie. showing that always have adventures and have imagination during life. love everyone and trust people too.

    13. halloween- LOVED this movie!!!! it was a total CLASSIC!!!! it was very suspenseful and mind boggling. love how michael myers moves in a split second.

    14. the karate kid-havent seen it

    15. license to drive-havent seen it

    16. my best friend is a vampire-havent seen it

    17. once bitten-havent seen it

    18. pretty in pink-havent seen it

    19. say anything-havent seen it

    20. sixteen candles-havent seen it

    21. st. elmo's fire-havent seen it

    22. stand by me-havent seen it

    23. teen witch-havent seen it

    24. war games-havent seen it

    i also reccomend:

    friday the 13th

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  • 1 decade ago

    my personal favourite is Girls Just Want to Have Fun. also really liked Coming to America, flashdance, salsa, the karate kid, nightmare on elm street, outsiders, revenge of the nerds, scarface, terminator, the goonies, and uncle buck. didnt like ferris bueller's day off, the breakfast club, sixteen candles, halloween, adventures in babysitting, teen witch, and pretty in pink.

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  • styers
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    4 years ago

    sixteen Candles, i replaced into born in the previous due 80's so i've got not watched considered one of those action pictures from those years Oh, and purple Rain. somebody above me mentioned it first, yet i admire that action picture too. i myself very own it!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Everything you already sad plus:


    "The Untouchables"

    "Dressed to kill"

    "Indiana Jones"

    "Empire of the Sun"

    "The Color Purple"


    "Rain Man"


    "Blue Velvet"

    "Sea of Love"

    "When Harry met Sally"

    "Fatal Attraction"

    "Wall Street"

    "The War of the Roses"

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    goonies is my favorite easy... I'd add wierd science to the list too, and ghostbusters like someone else said.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    footloose is a really gd movie, i enjoyed that one. i hated et it just gave me the creeps dirty dancing was good and funny

  • 1 decade ago

    Good list ive seen every film listed so far there all good.

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