where can i watch man of house?? from 1995? with jonathan taylor thomas and chevy chase??

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  • Kacie
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    1 decade ago
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    omg i luv dat movie! jtt is hot in it LoL!!!!! i wish he wasnt waay older then me teehee

    on netflix.com you can rent it.

    i think you can also rent it from blockbuster.com

    maybe even hollywoodvideo.com

    i dont think youtube has the whole movie available to watch, but i do know there is a scene or two from the movie.

    you can purchase the movie on amazon.com, and i think also on ebay.com

    you can also search on imdb.com Man of the House and click the title from 1995. then it should tell you on the page abot man of the house when it comes on on any channel on tv. but it may not have any tv schedules 4 it cuz it mite not b on tv any time soon.

    have a good day and i hope this info helps!!!


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  • 1 decade ago

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