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Would being a worshipper of the old Norse gods make me a pagan?

I did believe in the christian god at one time but i stopped believeing when my mother passed away, i reallized i only believed because she believed, when she died i was in a bad way and i didn't know what to believe anymore so i started reading up on different religions, thats when i read up on the Norse mythology and began reading the sagas and studying there beliefs and adopted it as my own.

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    We prefer Heathen as it's from the native language and was used only for those "pagans" of Northern Europe....but yeah it makes you pagan.

    Look up Asatru. There a good many of us here. Feel free to email any of us for sources, web sites or just to have someone to debate with.

    Source(s): Norse Heathen Recon
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    1. Depends on which religion you happen to be addressing, I'd suggest calling them by their religion's proper name. For example, refer to those who practice Wicca as Wiccans, refer to those who practice Asatru as Asatruars. And so forth... 2. You do realize that Pagan is an umbrella term that covers a vast number of very different religions... 3. I view the myths as symbolic and poetic, not literally. 4. I don't know. 5. I honor the Norse gods as ancestors because I am Nordic. My ancestors were from Scandinavia. 6. See # 3. 7. Then that so-called worshiper of Thor obviously hasn't studied either Norse or Greek mythology in any depth. Those two gods are not the same.Each culture has their own unique mythology. 8. That's a very broad question given the sheer number of gods and various religions. Yes, sometimes the interpretation of a particular deity chances over time. 9. See # 5. I'm Asatru. 10. No, not really.

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    Welcome ^.^;;

    I wouldn't quite call you a Pagan; the term Heathen fits better. I imagine you're thinking, "what's the difference?". The neo-pagan and heathen movements started around the same time but had little to nothing to do with each other. Reconstructionists, particularly the Norse reconstructionists, tend to prefer the term Heathen, where as people of the other movement (wiccans and others) tend to prefer the term Pagan.

    I'd offer my email for any questions, but I'm not very knowledgeable. Frau Hunter is someone I look up to though, and she'll most likely be able to answer any questions you have. There is a ton of Heathens here that give great answers too.

    I can't remember any websites to recommend to you off the top of my head, but I've been wanting to get my hands on Our Troth volume one and two. I also like Norse Myths by Crossly Holland. Its an easier read than some of the translations I've seen of the eddas.

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    Welcome my brother.

    You are not alone by any means.

    Your not a "Pagan" your a Heathen. There is a fine definition, but all in time.

    Frau is an excellent source of information, and I trust her advice readily.

    If for some reason the websites she has provided are not enough, feel free to e-mail me, or any number of others that are likely to respond to this.

    You will most definitely have more questions and even concerns, we will not spite you for seeking to learn.

    It is a long path you have chosen, but if you have read the sagas and a good translation of the myths then you are most certainly on your way.

    You have many choices to make, and much to learn. It is often said that Asatru is the religion with home work... you will see why.

    A battle won is worth a thousand lost.

    New beginnings bring thoughts of joy.

    A small spark has good prospects

    it may turn easily into a raging fire.

    It is good to meet you. I only hope my exuberance does not put you to far off.

    Yahoo Answers has a lot of us hanging around. Many of us are excellent sources of information and advice. sadly their are some people on this site who will give you a hard time. But that is easy enough to deal with.

    Always feel free to message me, and i am sure the others would be just as welcoming.

    Source(s): ~Heathen for three years.
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    Paganism has been broadly defined as anyone involved in any religious act, practice, or ceremony which is not Christian. Jews and Muslims also use the term to refer to anyone outside their religion. Others define it as religions outside of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism, while some simply define it as being without a religion.

    In the strictest sense, paganism refers to the authentic religions of ancient Greece and Rome as well as surrounding areas. It originated from the Neolithic (Stone Age) era. The term, pagan, is derived from the Latin word, paganus, which means a country dweller. The pagan usually has a belief in many gods (polytheistic), but only one is chosen as the one to worship which represents the chief god and supreme godhead.

    As Christianity progressed into the present age, a pagan became referred to anyone not being a Christian, and paganism denoted a non-Christian belief or religion. If the religion did not fit into the Judeo-Christian-Islamic or Eastern mould, then one practicing that religion was said to be involved in paganism.

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    When it comes to defining religions, you can pretty much ask 10 people and get 15 different definitions. :-)

    IMO, worshippers of the Norse deities would be found under the umbrella of Paganism. I define Paganism of practicers of a nature-based, non-Abrahamic, usually polytheistic religions.

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    Pagan and Heathen mean the exact same thing so it really doesn't matter which one you call yourself, but yes you are a Pagan. Or Heathen if you prefer. I personally don't refer to myself as Heathen, but call myself a Norse Pagan. But it's really a personal choice.

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    Yes it would. Most of us who practice one of the various approaches to Germanic pre-christian religion prefer to use the term "heathen" since it is a Germanic word rather than a latin word.

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    There is a very simple answer to your question; yes it does. Being a Heathen (believer in one of pre-Christian Northern European or Scandinavian religions) is something to be proud of and provides you with a very rewarding life in this world.

    There are many of us and we are all here to help and support you.


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    In my view, yes; but apparently many of the Asatrú feel otherwise. Contact the Asatrú groups in your area for more details.

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