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Any backpacker hostel that you would recommend in Chiang Mai ?

Hi People

I am heading to Chiang Mai next week and still figuring as to which backpacker to stay.

Anyone can furnish me some ideas, attached link will be so much appreciated.

Further, i would like to check what can you do in Chiang Mai?

Any interesting place or interesting stuffs that you can't afford to miss?


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    Julie Guest house:

    popular for its cheap rooms, and adventure-tour specialized travel agency. Situated in a quiet section of Chiang Mai's historic old city. Dorms are 60 Baht, doubles 160/250/300 Baht (old and new building). 7/1 soi 5, Phra Pokklao Road. (053) 274 355. Email: julie_chiangmai@gmx.net, website: www.julieguesthouse.com

    Chiang Mai White House:

    a Lonely Planet favourite with clean rooms, good security, quiet location and nice garden. Rooms b400 with a/c, 12 soi 5, Ratchadamnoen rd. Tel. (053) 357 130. .

    Eagle House 2:

    centrally located with a good travellers centre, new rooms and nice outdoor area. Rooms b200, or b290 with a/c. 26 Ratwithi rd. Tel. (053) 418 494. .

    Gaps Guesthouse:

    just behind AUA with comfortable rooms in an antique teak house in a lovely garden. Cooking classes on offer. Rooms b450-800 with a/c. 3, soi 4, Ratchadamnoen rd. Tel. (053) 278 140. Email: thaiculinaryart@yahoo.com.

    Smile Guest House:

    very convenient yet quiet location near Thapae Gate, includes a pool, various styled/priced rooms and has atmosphere, but gets full. 5 Ratchamankha Rd. Rooms b400, b700 with a/c (053) 208661-3

    Lamchang House:

    nice wooden house with small garden restaurant, run by friendly old couple. Rooms with shared hot water, singles b100, doubles b180. 24 soi 7, Moon Muang rd. Tel. (053) 210 586.

    Chiang Mai Kristi House:

    popular, convenient and quiet location. Rooms b200. 14/2, soi 5, Ratchadamnoen rd. Tel. (053) 418 165.

    Banana Guesthouse:

    cheapest in town, dorm beds or rooms, popular with backpackers. Dorm beds: b80, doubles b240, singles b100. 4/9 Ratchapakinai rd. Tel. (053) 206 285. Email: kozue@chmai.loxinfo.co.th

    Safe House:

    resembles a small apartment block, popular long-stay venue with all mod cons. Rooms b350 - b450, or b7,500 per month. 178 Ratchaphakhinai rd. Tel. (053) 418 955.

    RCN Court:

    tucked out the way but popular for long-stayers, offering full amenities, a gym and decent rooms. Rooms b450 with a/c. Monthly b6,000. 35 soi 7, Moon Muang (053) 418 280. Email: rcncourt_inn@hotmail.com

    Top North Guest House:

    located in southeast corner of moat among quaint lanes, a large popular place with great pool area and atmosphere. Normal rooms b250, a/c b400. (053) 279 623-25. Email: topnorthhotel@hotmail.com

    Guesthouses east of the Moat

    Sarah Guest House Chiang Mai:

    long running, established guest house offering cheap and convenient accommodation, in the very centre of Chiang Mai. Only 2 mins walk from the Night Bazaar or Tapae Gate. Trekking and cookery courses run from the guest house. 20 Thapae Rd., Soi 4, Chiang Mai 50100. Tel: (66 53) 208271. Fax: (66 53) 279423. Rooms b250 Website: sarahgh.hypermart.net. Email: sarahguesthouse@hotmail.com

    Parami Guest House:

    charming guest house in an authentic Lanna-Thai teak wooden house which is over a hundred years old and surrounds a private and breath-taking tropical garden. Parami is located in the centre of Chiang Mai, and close to the river. Address: 210 - 212 Charoenrat Rd. T. Watkate Tel +66 (0)53 266 139. Rooms b350, b550 with a/c Website: www.paramiguesthouse-chiangmai.com

    Galare Guesthouse:

    first class accommodation on riverfront, with all mod cons and hotel service. Rooms b1150 . 7/1 soi 2, Charoen Prathet rd. Tel. (053) 821 011. Email: galare_gh@hotmail.com

    River View Lodge:

    well appointed rooms in spacious building with pool and lovely garden on riverfront. Rooms b1450 - b2000, plus seasonal discount. 25 soi 2, Charoen Prathet rd (053) 271 110.

    Baan Jong Come Guest House:

    a lovely upmarket place away from the busy streets, but central. Rooms b350, b450 (with a/c). 47 soi 4, Thapae rd (053) 274 823.

    Fang Guesthouse:

    quiet location, with comfortable rooms in four-storey apartment block. Also popular. Rooms b400 (with a/c). 46-48 Kampangding rd (053) 282 940.

    Lai Thai Guest House:

    popular place, alongside the moat with restaurant and pool. Rooms: b650 with a/c. 111/4-5 Kotchasan rd (053) 271 725. Email: laithai@loxinfo.co.th

    Thana Guesthouse:

    Israeli house of choice, with signs in Hebrew, Kosher food in the restaurant and good rooms. Rooms: b800 with a/c. 27/8 soi 4, Thapae rd (053) 279 794. Email: info@ThanaAdventure.com

    Chiang Mai Souvenir Guest House:

    conveniently located near Night Market, yet quiet, with nice outdoor eating area. Gay friendly. Rooms b300, fan and bathroom. 116 Charoen Prathet rd (053) 818 786. Email: souvenirguesthouse@hotmail.com

    Little Home Guesthouse:

    near the Moat in modern Thai-styled building with private balconies. Rooms b350, b450 with a/c. 1/1 soi 3, Kotchasan rd (053) 206 939.

    River Ping Palace:

    lovely, quiet riverside location in old teak house, with creative food and friendly staff. Charoen Prathat rd, south near the Sheraton Hotel.

    Smile House:

    A popular place right in the heart of the old town, minutes from Thapae gate but quiet, features a pool, and is part of the Peak adventure company, providing adventure tours, a cooking school and boutique lodge. 5 Rachamankha road, Soi 2, Tel: 053 208 661-2.)

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  • Hostels starting from ~ $ 3.75

    Hotels from ~ $ 20.00

    Things to do in Chiang Mai: the night market should be visited.

    I hope I could help ;)

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    try this page http://www.discovery-thailand.com/Chiang%20Mai%20h... for Chiang Mai information. There's everything you wanna know. they also have lowest rate guarantee for hotel booking. Have a nice trip.

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    I was in CM a couple of weeks ago - things are very quiet so you will not haveany problem finding a room.. go to the Thapae Gate area and look around... plenty plenty plenty of rooms - ask for a discount too...

    There are tons of travel agencies in CM, probably at your hotel too and they will have all kinds of brochures and tours and packages and things to do - anything from cooking classes to treks...

    you'll be fine - - I will be back there in a couple of days myself - have a good trip...

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