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Help with betta tankmates? I've asked before but heres an upgrade.?

Before I've asked what fish would go good with a betta in a five gallon now I'm asking about a ten gallon...

I was planning on getting a-

african dwarf frog(1 or 2), 2 otos, 3 corydoras and of course my betta, flame.(Fresh water plants too)

I was just wondering If you would add or remove anything and if I should add a mollie...

!!!Thank You in advance!!!

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    Below is an excellent link to a fact sheet on betta tank mates, and compatibility with other fish.

    With those tank mates, do only one other species. That is, get either otos, corydoras, or african dwarf frogs. Corydoras do best in groups of 4-6, so a small school plus your betta would be perfect. Or a group of three otos, as they to go best in groups. Again, African dwarf frogs (ADFs) do best with buddies, so getting 2 or 3 would not overstock the tank. Always better to understock, as opposed to overstock, and putting 1-2 ADFs, 2 ottos, 3 corydoras, and 1 betta would definitely be overstocking. I would highly suggest against adding a molly to the tank, especially one as small as a ten gallon.

    I hope this helps! Oh, that forum that the fact sheet is on, I highly recommend it :)

    And Jordan, African Dwarf Frogs are completely different from African CLAWED frogs. ACFs eat fish and grow huge, ADFs stay quite small, and pose absolutely no harm to a betta. And otos stay quite small as well, you must be confusing Otocinclus with Plecostomus.

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    Some ideal betta tankmates include:












    But most of the tankmates listed above need tanks that are at least 30+ gallons. That 10 gallon you have is perfect for the betta, and mabe some snails. But not too much else. So i would recomend getting a 30 gallon tank before considering any of the fish listed above. Also some betta tankmates above may go with a betta, but not some of the other fish. For example the tetra and the angel fish, they cannot go. But (i know from extensive research) the tetra, danio, pleco, and catfish can go with each other. If you would like to look at some more about wat i have mentioned, you can go to the site below. Well, good luck and have fun!

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    congrats on the bigger tank

    i would leave out the frogs

    the other choices are fine

    however, i would go with


    4 cory cats


    4 otocinclus, since the're both schooling fish

    as for other fish

    you could add

    6 cardinal tetras as well


    6 rasboras

    i wouldn't get a molly, because it needs some salt in the tank, which bottom feeders don't really apprecciate

    you could however get 3 platies though

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  • Jordan
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    Well, the dwarf frogs will rip him to shreds so no. The otos and corys will be fine but you may need to get rid of the otos when they grow. Also, mollies will probably nip his fins so no to that too. You can definitley keep him with neon or cardinal tetras or most rasboras because they have the same natural enviroments.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    All those fish would do fine together but if the molly starts to nip the bettas's tail you should remove the betta.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i had an african frog with my betta and they got along well.

    Source(s): experience.
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