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How do I connect my brother wireless printer to my home wireless router?

I have a windows 2000 desktop that gets internet as it is connected through a wireless router via an ethernet cable. I just purchased a Brother Wireless printer that I need help connecting to the wireless router and to the desktop (which does not have wireless capabilities.


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    The other desktop if its not connected wirelessly they its easy. Just install the drivers for the printer on the desktop thats ethernet cabled to the router. Once installed go to start /settings then printers then on the printer in question right click it and go to sharing and share this printer on the network. But right click my computer/properties then computer name or the like and make sure all computers on the network share the same workgroup . By default MS windows uses the same name. But you can change it to any name you want to. All computers have to have the same workgroup name to share files and printers. Then on the other computer connected wirelessly go to start/settings printers and install new printer and it will ask if its a network printer or direct connect choose network printer and it wll install all thats needed. Thanks

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    Connect Brother Printer To Wifi

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    I have an MFC-J6520DW printer; it will work fine then it loses connectivity; cannot print or scan; the printer shows the wireless internet signal, but still no connectivity; this has happened about four times now; I get help from Brother and then it happens again about a week later; am beginning to think it is related to my software for malware, etc. Any ideas? Apparently Brother does not have support on weekends.

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    Brother Printer Wifi Setup

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    I have wireless internet, How do I connect my wireless Brother J4410DW to my computer an laptop?

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    If for what ever reason you can't get your wifi printer to work, you can always go powerline:

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    The would be the first thing to check though. Is your Brother bluetooth or wifi. If it is bluetooth, it is basically a wireless USB cable.

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    I was also trying to connect my BROTHER Printer to my wireless network but unable to connect it. I tried a lot however nothing helped me I just visited and made a call on their toll free. I got instant help for my BROTHER Printer by a certified technician.

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    Are u talking in reffrence to Brother HL or a Brother MFC , depending on the macine u have , will determin the setup , I work for brother s/w support , so I think I can help, email me.

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