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I've been eating healthy for about 5 months, and this week I ate a lot of junk food and feel very ill, ....

is this normal, I know junk food doesn't make you feel good, but I feel as if I am very sick, I have no energy whatsoever, is this normal?


I usually work out but neglected to do so this week

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    yes it is normal and u can heal it by liening down and eating fruit and vegies.

    Source(s): hope u feel better !! : )
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  • 4 years ago

    Christmas only comes once a year. Why would you diet when you there is only one time this year you are going to have acess to all the cheese cake in the year. I just recently lost 50 pounds and am on a strict vegetarian diet, but I know today you won't keep me away from the cinnamon buns. Take this opportunity to just eat and have fun, and just eat what you want, you christmas present to yourself. Start back to your healthy living on Monday. :) merry Christmas and have fun

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