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Books for young musicians?

I'm seventeen years old and I play the violin. I would really like to read a book about a violinist, a well-known classical composer, classical music in general, someone who plays a string instrument....yeah. Any suggestions?


Billy - I didn't know that movie was based on a book! That's cool :) Thanks

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    the movie The Red Violin is actually based off of a book by John Corigliano

    The Red Violin chronicles the journey of a legendary musical instrument -- a violin famous for its unusual reddish hue. Placed on the auction block in modem-day Montreal, after traveling around the globe for over three-hundred years, the violin comes to the attention of expert Charles Moritz who mounts an investigation to authenticate the enigmatic instrument and establish its true worth

    I hope this helped I have read the book and found it very interesting I hope you will too

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