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US Army Ranger School?

My lifelong dream ever since I joined is to become a ranger. I'd like to get some information and tips on how to become a ranger. I'm an E-3 right now and my MOS is 74D (Chem), in the IL Army NG. I'll be deploying to Afghanistan in October 2008 and am fully promotable. Anyone have anything they can say that will help such as tips tricks or books I can read? Oh and the process when I am in the position, I'm not even entirely sure how one gets the chance to go to ranger school! Thanks in advance.

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    To become a member of the 75th Ranger Regiment you must begin with the nine weeks of Basic Training. Upon completion of Basic Training you will then attend Advanced Individual Training to obtain a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). This training varies in length depending on the selected MOS. Next you must complete Airborne training. Upon graduation of Airborne School you will be assigned to the 75th Ranger Regiment to attend the Ranger Indoctrination Program (RIP).

    If you pass each of the required training schools and RIP, you will receive an assignment to either the 75th Ranger Regiment Headquarters or one of the three Ranger Battalions.

    60% Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) in the 17 to 21 age group

    5-mile run at no slower than 8 minutes per mile

    Successful completion of Combat Water Survival Test (CWST) must be able to complete 15 meters in BDU's, boots and LBE

    Must complete 2 of 3 road marches, one of which must be a 10-mile road march

    70% on all exams

    Ranger Indoctrination Program (RIP) begins when the Ranger Liaison picks up the Ranger candidates at Airborne School - just after graduation - to immediately begin the program.

    The program is designed to instruct and select, from a pool of candidates in grades E-1 to E-4, those suitable for service in the 75th Ranger Regiment. The four week program consists of physical training and continuous preparation for service in the Regiment. It is important that each candidate be familiarized with operational procedures, equipment and the standards of the Regiment prior to their assignment.

    Daily Physical Training

    Ranger History test

    Map Reading


    Airborne Operation

    Ranger Standards

    Day and night land navigation

    5-mile run



    Combat Water Survival Test

    6, 8 and 10-mile road marches

    Driver Training (DDC Card)

    Fast Rope Training

    Combat Lifesaver certification

    In order to become a Ranger in today's Army, you will need to contact your local Army Recruiter and ask for Ranger contract which will include Basic Training, Advanced Individual Training, Airborne School and assignment to the 75th Ranger Regiment to attend the Ranger Indoctrination Program (RIP).

    I know that this is not exactly what you needed. But I added some links that will help you out a little.


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    I'm assuming you mean Ranger School...

    But just remember, going to Ranger School is different than being in Ranger Regiment. I've been to Ranger School and served in Ranger Regiment...

    Ranger School is a TRADOC leadership course... Just because you go to Ranger School doesn't make you an actual Ranger, it just makes you "Ranger qualified".

    75th Ranger Regiment is a Special Operations unit under SOCOM. Most all members of the 75th are Ranger qualified, but ALL wear the tan beret.

    Just wanted to get you straight on the differences.

    More on to your question... considering you mean Ranger School... you may want to consider active duty because that's about your only chance to a shot at school. However, considering your MOS, I don't even think you'll be consider since RTB (Ranger Training Brigade) has stopped accepting non-combat MOS's to the school.

    Hope this helps, need any more info, just ask...

    Source(s): U.S. Army Veteran 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment 2004-2008
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    Only like 3 people are right, The Marines, Air Force, Navy and even the Coast Guard can use US Army training centers. Why? Simple put they have units that need the training and well, The US Army already has the training centers and uncle SAM doesn't want to fund a totally different center just so Marines can train on their own ground. I knew a Navy Officer who had to train Air Force personal. I know of Seals and Force Recon operatives who took the Halo School and Sniper School which belong to the Army. P.S. Since there are alot of Marines here... I'm with the Army all the way!

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    She pretty much answered your question on what is required to become a Ranger

    I'll add that you should talk to a recruiter about an "Option 40" contract.

    If you just want to go to Ranger School, that's completely different .. just put in a 4187 (basically a request to go) after you've spent some time in your unit .. it's open to any MOS. Know that going to Ranger School won't make you a Ranger, it's a leadership/small unit tactics school .... you'll be "Ranger Qualified" but not a Ranger.

    Good luck to you.

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    Like whosafishy linked to, is the best place to get your Ranger info, so register yourself there for the forums. Make sure you introduce yourself properly or you will get burned and remember attention to detail. You can talk to current Rangers and people who have served as Rangers. They will help you in your goal of becoming a Ranger.

    The books that I own are named: "To Be A US Army Ranger" and "75th Rangers"

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    Your best bet would be to go active duty after your deployment to Afghanistan. The Army National Guard gets a few slots in Infantry units, so if you stay in the guard, you would have to get MOSQed as a 11B for sure. The guard usually gives the slots to Platoon Leaders, so you would also have to get your degree and to through OCS or ROTC.

    So like I said, your best bet would be to go active duty after your deployment and try to get it in your contract to get a ranger slot. Since your prior service, I don't believe you would get that option for sure, as usually only 1st enlistments get choice of duty station, schools, ect.

    Best of luck

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    I recommend that you transfer to a Ranger unit or a Long Range Surviellance (LRS) unit. If not, your chances of going to Ranger school are nil because its not a school they send people to because they want to go.

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    Umm you really have to be in tip top shape to join!!

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