Brand New Xbox 360 Elite defective?

Bought a brand spaking new XBox 360 Elite in Japan from Yodobashi Camera (very reliable store). Brought the X-Box home, followed the instructions on the setup card and had everything plugged in correctly. Fired it up for the first time only to get two blinking red lights. Fan also starts to blow very hard before stopping, leaving only the two blinking lights. I've looked up about the 2 lights and it says the problem is overheating. However, my X-Box is literally brand new and this happened the first time I started it up. Have let it sit for a while and it STILL keeps doing the flashing lights. No matter how many times i turn it off and turn it on again same problem. Quite simply, I am dumbfounded. Any help out there? So pissed because I was really looking forward to playing it when I got home.

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    well its called the ring of death and it is indeed a hardware failure and it doesnt matter how long you have the system it can happen no matter what and all i can say is its gonna be hard for you to ever play that xbox because you didnt but it from the real makers so you dont get their 3 year warranty all you can do is try to sell that one or throw it away and buy another one hope this helped i understaned your angry pce

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    Send it back to Microsoft. It is free and they will fix everything. Call 1-800-4MY-XBOX. You shouldn't have this problem. It is probably due to an error during the manufacturing process.

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  • Erika
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    properly, i offered the Elite a mutually as in the past. besides purchase it now. It comes with Halo 3 ODST and Forza MS 3. i think of that my popular video games are Gears of conflict (a million-2) and UFC Undisrupted (2009 is nice, yet i've got not tried 2010) to maintain mine secure, consistently stand it up whilst it is playing yet whilst it relatively is off or unplugged lay it flat in case it falls. it relatively is a consumer-friendly sense one for me yet on no account placed the 360 status on a intense table or shelf. I placed mine on a television Stand that's approximately 8 inches from the floor. properly, the fan is exceedingly noisy yet once you're by using your self and no-one's abode and you crank it to complete volume A) It feels spectacular and B) you could not pay attention it. i replaced into exceedingly disturbing approximately RRoD, yet then I heard relating to the YLOD (certainly RRoD for the PS3) And the main explanation for RRoD is over heating yet as of 2010, they have those new fashions referred to as JASPER and that they have got extra suited warmth sinks. desire you have relaxing. additionally my Gamertag is Ty13rW1nn3r

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    send it back to microsoft only 10 dollars

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  • 1 decade ago

    hot damn dude, id say send it back to microsoft cuz not much else u can do...

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