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How do you evaluate the BBP formula?

Please provide an example of how to evaluate the 10th digit of pi. Explain each step you used and make it simple enough for me to understand. I am really good at math, but I'm only in honors algebra 2. You don't need to explain to me what the formula is. I understand what the formula does. Also, after you evaluate the formula, show the hexadecimal to number transformation. I will make the person who does this best answer and will praise you forever! PLEASE! HELP ME ON THIS!

P.S. This is not for school, I just want to learn this.

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    for an explanation of how to use the BBP formula for computation. Start with the 9th term in the series and possibly add a couple of more terms until you get convergence on the 10th hexidecimal digit.

    If you want to find the 10th decimal digit of Pi - that is another matter. You will probably have to compute all the preceding digits, because the decimal expansions of inverse powers of 16 tend to be rather long. Just carry out the arithmetic- noting that

    pi = 3 + a1*16^-1 + a2*16^-2 + a3*16^-3 + a4*16^-4 + ...


    16^-1 = 0.0625

    16^-2 = 0.00390625

    16^-3 = 0.000244140625

    16^-4 = 0.0000152587890625

    16^-5 = 0.00000095367431640625


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    Bbp Formula

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    V = Bh/3 V= (118m^2 x 66m) / 3 V= 7788m^3 / 3 V= 2596m^3

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