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Viral replicarion, and the Human Genome project?

Hi guys,

could you please answer these three questions in detail (stating why):

56. Adenoviruses are a group responsible for ailments such as the common cold. These are fairly simple viruses that can replicate fairly quickly. The normal human response to more complex viruses is to develop a strong immunity to future infections. However, people get colds all the time, sometimes to or three times a year. What characteristics of viral replication may help to explain why we do not develop immunity to the common cold?

57. As part of the Human Genome Project the entire sequence of human DNA is being determined. An early part of this subject scanned samples of DNA from many people, looking for the DNA of viruses. It was found that, on average, every person contains the DNA from at least 15 human temperate viruses. Many of these viruses have been associated with causing various types of cancers. Discuss what this would mean in terms of human health and the heredity of certain cancers.


58. Although one aspect of transgenic organisms and GMOs is the creation of hardier crops, the impact on the environment has not been clearly determined. One example of this has bee the observed decline of the monarch butterfly as a result of genes inserted into varieties of corn and soya beans. Given what you know now about the process used, what more would you want to know before making the determination that GMOs are safe for the environment and for human consumption?

Thanks:) Please reply as soon as possible.

Update 2:

errr guys please?!? im desperate here!

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    You should post them all seperately and without the problem numbers. Some people are reluctant to answer blatant homework questions. It would also take a great deal of time to answer all three of these, and you seem a little pushy by asking for a detailed answer.

    Take off the number, post them seperately, and I think you may get some answers! Have you tried researching anything with web tools? Google? Good Luck!


    If I was going to answer the questions, this is what I would do:

    56 - How do viruses replicate? Find that out, then you should be able to answer the question. Keep in mind there are many different strains of the cold, they are constantly mutating and adapting.

    57 - Viruses are transferrable between different organisms. If viruses have been associated with causing different types of cancers (HPV, for example), then that means we essentially have contagious cancers (NOT LITERALLY, but it definitely increases concern in this area... Now we have to worry about inherited cancer, environmental factors, and transmission through other individuals)..... Just some food for thought......

    58 - This is very opinion-based.

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