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sweeney todd the film?

so no one actually found it amazing? How many stars?

1-crap, 2-allright, 3-good, 4-v. good, 5-brilliant/loved it etc?

Does it annoy anyone when people say the stage version is different to the film and better? cause' isnt the dvd just a version of the film?

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    4. It got a bit over-gory, but there was some solid acting there

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    I don't get your question there is the original stage version with a group of actors than there was a film version made by Burton with a different group actors that was FILMED on a movie set.

    The movie SweeneY Todd was released on DVD and it is the same as the movie

    the stage production could also be released on DVD as well but that would be a DIFFERENT DVD than the movie version on DVD

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    This movie deserves a 5! I loved Sweeney Todd. Helena Bonham Carter did a better acting job in my opinion than Pattie LuPone did, although Helena's singing voice is pretty bad. Johnny Depp was o.k., but they introduced Jamie Campbell Bower and now I love him. He has a beautiful voice. Burton really captured the setting and atmosphere well. It is a little annoying when people say the stage version is different, ofcourse it is going to be different. It would be boring to see the same exact production of the stage, all director's have different views of how it should be.

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    5 STARS!

    I LOVE SWEENEY TODD! The stage version is different. i read the script in school, watched the Broadway version, then Tim burton version. Tim Burton cuts out the chorus that sings inbetween songs and all the songs are cut short. in the broadway play the songs are twice as long and at the end toby goes crazy and his hair turns white! creepy.

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    I'd say it was a 4 but taht's only because I haven't seen the stage version. I'm not from the US. I live in Asia. It was a cool film if you're into the dark, gory types. The vocals aren't really super strong but good enough to make you interested. The element that draws you in is the surrealism of the story and how it's told in this bleak manner.

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    1. Maybe one day Mr Depp will actually try and act instead of playing himself!

    Watch Sweeny Todd that starred Ray Winston in the title role and was shown on BBC 1. A superior production in every way, without the songs.

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    I give it a 4. Great acting and the singing was surprisingly good.

    I love the stage version too, but I was also able to enjoy this.

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    I havent seen the stage version but even if its terrible the movie makes up for it!!

    I loved it !!

    I have the DVD and soundtrack !!!

    I listen/watch some of it everyday !

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