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I am trying to find records on Julia Ann Robbins approx. dob 1826 Indiana?

Julia Ann married Samuel Lowe in 1848. This is the only record I have found for her. It appears that she just appeared out of thin air. I think she might be Juliann Markwell. She possibly married a Robbins before she married Samuel Lowe. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Julia Ann Robbins

    Birth: 1826 , Decatur, Indiana

    Spouse: Samuel LOWE

    Marriage: 09 JAN 1848 , Bartholomew, Indiana

    Daughter-- Marietta LOWE ; b. About 1851 , Rush, Indiana

    Also shown as Juliann Markwell , marrying Samuel Lowe.

    Parents listed as Father: John F. Markwell (b.1772, Fleming Co., KY; Death: bet 1850 and 1859, Rush Co., IN)

    & Mother:Jane Faris.(b. 1778 ,Flemingsburg, Fleming Co., KY ; d. unknown for both parents; married 12 Sep 1799 in Flemingsburg).

    John's parents: Father: William French Markwell , Sr (b.1750

    in Washington Co., KY;d. Apr 1816 in Fleming Co.,KY buried in Old Cemetery in Poplar Plains, KY) and Mother:

    Mildred Amelia Hurst --Birth: 28 Aug 1756,Stafford Co., (Wharton Parish; Death: Apr 1820, Fleming Co., KY buried Old Cemetery in Poplar Plains, KY ; married : abt 1771,Fauquier Co., VA; Her parents: James Hurst & Mother: Rosanna Jones)

    Julia Ann ROBBINS

    B.1826 in Decatur Co., Indiana

    D: not stated

    Married: 9 Jan 1848 in Bartholomew Co., IN to

    Samuel LOWE

    B. Oct 1825 in Washinton, IN

    D: not stated



    Jacob A. LOWE-- b: 1849 in Bartholmew Co., Indiana

    Marietta LOWE-- b: 1851 in Rush Co., Indiana

    Ephraim Emmons LOWE --b: 6 May 1852 in Rush Co., Indiana

    John LOWE-- b: 1860 in Shelby Co., Indiana

    William S. LOWE-- b: 1865 in Indiana

    Tighlman E. LOWE-- b: 1869 in Indiana

    Emma A. LOWE-- b: 1872 in Kansas United States Federal Census

    Name: Julia Robbins (a totally different person!!)

    Estimated Birth Year: abt 1824

    Age in 1870: 46

    Birthplace: Indiana

    Home in 1870: Jefferson, Sullivan, Indiana

    Race: White

    Gender: Female

    Post Office: Merom

    Household Members: Name Age

    Jacob Robbins-- 50

    Julia Robbins --46

    Rosa E Robbins --15

    Elizabeth Robbins --13

    Charles R Robbins-- 11

    Huldy h Robbins-- 8

    Name: Samuel Lowe

    Birth: Oct 1825 - Washinton, Indiana, USA

    Death: 9 Sep 1879 - Frederick, Maryland, USA

    Marriage: 9 Jan 1848 - Bartholomew, Indiana, USA

    Parents: James Lowe, Ann Arbuckle

    Spouse: Julia Ann Robbins (this shows alternative names of SOPHIA ROBBINS)

    Name: Samuel Lowe

    Birth: 23 Oct 1825 - Washington, Indiana, USA

    Death: 9 Sep 1879 - Maryland, USA

    Parents: James Lowe, Ann Arbuckle

    Spouse: Sophia (shows alternate name of JULIA ROBBINS)

    ( is the only site I find with both Julia Ann Robbins and Juliann Markwell married to Samuel Lowe. Did she have a sister named Sophia?? Maybe that's where the mystery is).

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  • 1 decade ago

    There's a public family tree on Ancestry which contains Julia Ann, I believe you can get to it at this link:

    There's also a PRIVATE family tree with Julia Ann in it, at this link (there's a button that will let you send an email to the person who created that tree):

    On the 2nd one, the tree has 4 attached records, and 5 sources, unfortunately I cannot tell if they are records/sources about Julia Ann.

    At the very least, you can contact the person / people who posted these family trees, and find not only a distant relative with whom you share an interest in family history, but you may also find more information about Julie Ann! (I was able to find a relative and get a photo of my great-great-great grandparents by doing that!)

    One of the 4 "OneWorldTrees" containing Julia Ann says that Samuel Lowe died in Frederick County, Maryland on 9 Sep 1879. Perhaps Julia Ann also lived in Frederick County? (see notes added below, perhaps that isn't the same Samual Lowe?!)

    I checked and didn't find matching records for either of them, and checked rootsweb and found nothing for Julia Ann.

    Added Later:

    1860 United States Federal Census

    about Samuel Lowe

    Name: Samuel Lowe

    Age in 1860: 35

    Birth Year: abt 1825

    Birthplace: Indiana

    Home in 1860: Moral, Shelby, Indiana

    Gender: Male

    Post Office: London

    Household Members: Name Age

    Samuel Lowe 35 (Farmer - - born in Washington County, IN)

    Julia Ann Lowe 34 (born in Decatur County, IN)

    Jacob A Lowe 11 (Bartholomew County, IN)

    Marietta Lowe 9 (Rush Co., IN)

    Ephraim E Lowe 8 (Rush Co., IN)

    John Lowe 6.12 (Shelly Co.?, IN)

    Jackson May 25 (Laborer)

    1870 United States Federal Census

    about Samuel Lowe

    Name: Samuel Lowe

    Estimated Birth Year: abt 1825

    Age in 1870: 45

    Birthplace: Indiana

    Home in 1870: Union, Dickinson, Kansas

    Race: White

    Gender: Male

    Post Office: Abilene

    Household Members: Name Age

    Samuel Lowe 45

    Julia A Lowe 43

    Eph e Lowe 18

    John W Lowe 10

    Samil f Lowe 7

    William S Lowe 5

    Henry T Lowe 1

    1880 United States Federal Census

    about Sam'l. Lowe

    Name: Sam'l. Lowe

    Home in 1880: Union, Dickinson, Kansas

    Age: 55

    Estimated Birth Year: abt 1825

    Birthplace: Indiana

    Relation to Head of Household: Self (Head)

    Spouse's Name: Julia A.

    Father's birthplace: Virginia

    Mother's birthplace: Kentucky

    Occupation: Farmer

    Marital Status: Married

    Race: White

    Gender: Male

    Household Members: Name Age

    Sam'l. Lowe 55

    Julia A. Lowe 53

    Ephram Lowe 28

    William S. Lowe 15

    Tighlman E. Lowe 11

    Emma A. Lowe 8

    Hope that helps!

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