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Sweeney Todd stage and film version?

which did people prefer?

I really liked the film, but wondered what the stage one was like? how long is the stage version, does it feel too long?

whats in the stage version that was taken out of the film? please add any bits you can think of im really interested? even if you think they were tiny bits not added in the film version...?

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    stage is much better, to me the biggest difference was the age difference in the two main characters and the actor that played Todd was much larger. he was more intimidating because of his size and deeper voice. I like depp and i think the film version was good but hDepp was just kind of small compared to the other actor

    Sorry I can't remember specific scenes that were cut form stage to film its been 20 years.

    Source(s): EDIT I must say taht I completely disagree with the previous post about Landsbury, In thought she was much better than the the film version (Carter?). I have not seen the 2001 stage revival with Harris
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    I've seen both the DVD of the full stage performance with George Hearn and Angela Lansbury and the DVD with Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter.

    Even though I'm not a fan of this show, the stage version was MUCH better. I personally thought Tim Burton's version sucked.

    The stage version just has more to it. They cut a lot of things out for the film.

    If you have a Netflix account, get the Broadway version with George Hearn. That way, you can form your own opinion on which you think is better.

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    I liked the stage version better.

    There were a lot of little things that they left out of the movie. Some examples: There's a scene where the judge is watching Johanna through a peephole, and he's flogging himself with a whip while watching her. There's a scene where Anthony sneaks into Johanna's room and they plan to run away together. The "competition" between Sweeney and Pirelli is longer and includes a tooth-pulling contest. There's more scenes where Sweeney and the "crazy old woman" come into contact with each other, and she tries to offer him sex for money, and then repeats "Don't I know you, mister?"

    Over all, I still thought that the movie was pretty good. I'll probably buy the DVD.

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    I LOVE SWEENEY TODD! The stage version is different. i read the script in school, watched the Broadway version, then Tim burton version. Tim Burton cuts out the chorus that sings inbetween songs and all the songs are cut short. in the broadway play the songs are twice as long and at the end toby goes crazy and his hair turns white! creepy.

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    Right. You cant just say films better, because it depend son your opinion. i personally think the stage version is better. One huge difference is that Toby is played by a grown man/young adult. I didnt think this worked until i saw Niel patrick Harris do it in the 2001 revival concert. you can watch that on youtube in several parts. this personally is my favourite cast. also, do watch the second broadway cast do it. this is also on youtube. george hearn stars in both, but angela lansbury plays lovett in the original stage (who i think is awful), and Patti LuPone in the concert who is in my opinion fantastic. In the film there are several cut out songs, including The Judges version of Johanna, Parlour songs, and city on fire. Nearly every song in the film is cut down. i hope i answered your question.

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    There are so many good songs they took out for the movie. Kiss Me with Johanna and Antony. And the worst thing was that they didn't have the ballad of sweeney todd in it! That song appears in the show about 4 times through the whole thing!

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    stage version i have is 140 min and was great the stage version

    DVD is cut to 132 min

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    Very disappointed with the film version, having such a great cast i expected better.codger

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    films better

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