Laptop power help?

I have 2 Dell Laptops which I bought in USA. I'm using them in India. Indian electricity details: 240V at 50-60 Hz and 50W.

USA: 120V.

I bought step down transformers which convert 240V to 120V. But they didn't work. Both the laptops are capable of handling 110V to 240V. When I use a plug pin converter alone the laptops get charged, but when I use the transformers, they don't charge. When I used these laptops directly with 120V in USA, they worked fine. I'm clueless as of what to do. Please help me. Thanks in advance.

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    whoever gave you the idea of the step down transformer !

    your power adapter is auto-sensing 100 - 250 volts ac, 50 / 60 hz > so you can jolly well operate it anyplace on the globe

    only difficulty would be the wall plug socket, which differ in shape and dimension from country to country

    in your case a simple wall plug adapter chould cost no more than rs: 25 locally

    take your power adapter to any computer or electrcal store and get the correct part

    just btw: no reason why it should not work with your step down transformer

    something wrong there, either the transformation ratio 2:1 is incorrect and delivers lower voltage or it is a transformer - rectifier > delivering dc volts ... if only you could check that aspect out and keep me informed

    only for academic sake that

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    check the original charger, if it's written 120v-240v then you can just get a converter which converts the usa plug into the india one.

    otherwise buy a charger from india for india for your laptops.

    here's my website for more info

  • tezeno
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    4 years ago

    photograph voltaic Panels are not my distinctiveness. however the hardware interior of a computer takes around 3 hundred-4 hundred Watts of electric energy at it relatively is terrific. not sure what the fee is that batteries cost at, yet for which you will possibly desire to verify with the producer. utilising photograph voltaic panels to cost laptops is an incredible theory, a lot of human beings purchase laptops specially to sidestep spending lots of money or extra money on computers. So even photograph voltaic panels that are extra or much less not portable might nevertheless have many makes use of. or basically build the photograph voltaic panel into the computer screen with somewhat unfoldable foot which would be used to stand it up? you're directly to a minimum of a few thing. however one subject i spotted whilst rereading what you wrote is which you relatively choose it so it may save the battery charged mutually as working the computer. subject approximately computer batteries is that, whilst they stay completely charged for long sessions of time, they lose their means and that they don't final as long. So in case you have been to hook it up, you will possibly choose the photograph voltaic panel to end charging the battery whilst it fills up and permit the computer use the battery until it drains it.

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    1 decade ago

    sounds like the step down transformers arent working --- dont plug ur comp into the power outlets unless u have the right conversion --- u will have 2 dells that r useless and broken

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The original chargers should be able to supply power. Any standard adapter supports 100V-240V. Mine does it too.

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