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Do non-essential tremors hold me back from a career in the military?

Basically, my hands shake a little more than normal. It doesn't prevent me from doing anything, but I feel like it would be held against me in any military like career. Would the army reject me? Would more selective organizations take that into account like the Rangers or the French Foreign Legion or any of those? Thanks.


no outside factors make me shake, although i shake more under stress or an adrenaline rush. it doesn't prevent me from doing anything, but its definently noticeable which i feel might make me an easy first round cut for more selective programs if its something they actually pay attention to. i suppose a better question would be what do military recruiters look at in the health regards?

essential tremors are normally symptons for a disease, like the shaking associated with parkisons

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    yes. they will need to know what causes the tremors. if a medical condition, that could be a DQ.

    you have to be able to fire a weapon. if your hands shake, you can't fire a weapon accurately.

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    I really don't think it would matter. If you can't shoot because of it, then maybe but really, just grip your rifle a bit harder and you'll be fine unless it's a REALLY bad shake? Does anything like diet or caffeine make a difference? I had a mate who's hands did that (it only started when he was miss using ADHD medication etc) but even years later still had it BUT he could shoot like a bloody champion... French Foreign Legion definitely be fine, don't know about Rangers but again I am fairly sure they'd be ok with it.

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    I'm a bit confused, what is an 'essential tremor'?

    Tell the MEPS physician, if it doesn't bother you in life, it might not bother you in the military, but it will be his call.

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    Dont mention it they will only comment if you fail to be able to do something and you say it dosnt stop you so there you go.

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