As a romance hero, Arthur displays the quality of generositywhen he?

a) forgives the nobles for delaying his succesion to the throne

b) makes his foster brother Kay a knight

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    here's what the OED, the only dictionary to EVER use, offers for generosity

    [ad. L. gener{omac}sit{amac}t-em, f. gener{omac}s-us GENEROUS.]

    1. Excellence, goodness of race; nobility of birth or lineage. Now only arch.

    1432-50 tr. Higden (Rolls) I. 49 Hit is to be holden that Asia is moste in quantite, Europa lesse in quantite, but egalle in the numerous generosite [L. generositate] of peple. 1572 J. BOSSEWELL Armorie 13b, Sentences concerning generositie, collected out of sundrye Aucthors, and firste certayne verses, made by G. Chaucer, teaching what is gentleness, or who is worthy to bee called gentle. 1579 LYLY Euphues (Arb.) 190 Nobilitie began in thy auncestors, and endeth in thee, and the Generositie that they gayned by vertue thou hast blotted with vice. 1650 BULWER Anthropomet. iii. (1653) 83 The ingenious Women are marked with certaine notes in the Forehead, which is accounted a kind of generosity. 1864 LOWELL Biglow P. Poet. Wks. (1879) 275 The Virginians especially lay claim to this generosity of lineage.

    {dag}b. Of animals: Excellence of breed; the spirit arising from this. Obs.

    1575 LANEHAM Lett. (1871) 15 The foot men lookt well too the hors, and hee of Generositée soon callmd of him self. 1607 TOPSELL Four-f. Beasts (1658) 110 It weakeneth their bodies, and dulleth in them all generosity.

    2. {dag}High spirit, courage, nobility of conduct (obs.). Now only in the more restricted sense: Willingness to lay aside resentment or forgive injuries; magnanimity.

    1623 COCKERAM, Generosity, noblenesse of minde, courage. 1659 B. HARRIS Parival's Iron Age 53 Their generosity is remarkable, in regard they grudge not to give praise to the vertue even of their enemies, when they deserve it. 1699 BENTLEY Phal. 236 His Judgment, like other mens Valour, has commonly the generosity to favour the weaker side. 1718 LADY M. W. MONTAGU Let. to C'tess Bristol (1887) I. 240 'Tis a degree of generosity to tell the truth. 1786 W. THOMSON Watson's Philip III (1839) 239 The part which sound policy required him to act, was consonant to the natural generosity of his temper. This magnanimous prince [etc.]. 1838 LYTTON Alice 41 Let me throw myself on your generosity. 1883 SIR T. MARTIN Ld. Lyndhurst v. 142 Generosity is never a characteristic of political party warfare.

    3. Readiness or liberality in giving; munificence.

    1677 WYCHERLEY Plain Dealer IV. i, They are of that vain number, who had rather shew their false generosity, in giving away profusely to worthless Flatterers, than in paying just Debts. 1712 HEARNE Collect. (O.H.S.) III. 337 My excellent Friend, to whose Generosity I owe my Education. 1750 JOHNSON Rambler No. 81 {page}9 The giver & receiver differ in their opinions of generosity. 1833 ALISON Europe (1849-50) I. iii. §93. 356 Generosity is nearly allied to extravagance.

    4. pl. Instances of generosity (senses 2 and 3). rare.

    1647 W. BROWNE tr. Gomberville's Polexander II. iv. {page}{page}{page}{page}5 You love him even after he..without regarding so many generosities which should perswade him, hath done what in him lay to deprive you of your life. a1715 BURNET Own Time (1766) I. 106 One that carried the generosities of friendship very far. 1833 LAMB Elia 11, Produc. Mod. Art, The relish with which his Reading Public had received the fooleries of the man, more to their palates than the generosities of the master [Don Quixote].

    {dag}5. the Order of Generosity: a Prussian order of distinction, instituted in 1665, and superseded in 1740 by the Order for Merit. Obs.

    1707 Lond. Gaz. No. 4359/1 His Majesty hath been pleas'd to give him the Cross of the Order of Generosity.

    Source(s): OED
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