What's the best way to fight SEP/SEO internet fraud?

I purchased SEP terms from Nett Solutions that guaranteed us top placement on search engines. I trusted that NettSolutions.com was giving us proper placement with the correct terms. In April '08 we closely examined our terms with NettSolutions.com and found that MANY of the terms we paid for from NettSolutions.com were incorrect and even different than agreed upon. We actually had many misrepresented term results that had been that way for over a year! Upset, we called NettSolutions.com and spoke with Alana Orsborn. Alana assured us that our terms were correct but later admitted that they were in fact wrong and always had been! They immediately decided to drop us as customers of NettSolutions.com with no apology or offer to refund any of our thousands of dollars spent for terms we NEVER WANTED! What action should we take to hold NettSolutions.com acountable? Maybe Small claims? Tough with them in CA and us on the East Coast. A lawyer may cost more than our money lost. Any suggestions?

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    Wow, I just googled this company nett solutions at www.nettsolutions.com. The very first thing that comes up is fraud warnings by Ripoff Report. First I would say you should be much smarter who you do business with! DO RESEARCH BEFORE YOU SEND ANY ONE MONEY OVER THE INTERNET. Google any Internet businesses' name BEFORE you do anything else. If you find any negative information move on to the next company. If you had done your research first you would have seen all fraud reports for this company.

    You could take Nett Solutions to small claims court but you will have to do it in the county & state they are located. I think in California you can only sue for up to $5,000 in small claims court if you are a business or

    $7,500 if you are an individual.

    If I were you I would post fraud alerts on the Internet & not stop until they give you your money back to shut you up! Of course this Nett Solutions company does not seem very reputable at all so they may not really care if it hurts their reputation.

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    I have a lot of experience marketing small companies online (I have 3 companies). One of the best ways is to sign up at business directories and protals. These are basically listings of businesses (simliar to the phone book). The advantage is that these portals usually get a lot of traffic and they're ranked high on Google because of all the quality links they contain.

    My favorite portal is called Directory Exclusive. I signed up a few weeks ago because they're giving a away a free business card holder when a person enter's their company info. I received it in the mail 3 days ago =)

    I don't know if they still have that promotion, but you can try to get the free card holder here:


    Good Luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    I guess u just need to expose their act and post the company & person-in-charge name on the internet to let other aware they are internet fraud.

    Then again they might change name. : (

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  • 1 decade ago

    I dont think so ul be able to fight it now. The best way is to learn SEO techniques urself rather then going for such seo companies.



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  • 1 decade ago

    File a complaint to this site.



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