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? asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

睇完Oliver Twist 幫手答以下問題><”” 20分 急....................!!!!!!!

1. Oliver in the story are .......(eg.brave)Why??

2. Three things I like about "Oliver Twist"

3. Tree things that I want to change

4. The ending of the story is......

5. The story tells us that .......




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    Oliver in the story are honest and brave, it is because he didn&#39;t steal things or try to cheat to get money from the rich man, and he fighted with the gang to protect the rich man, both of the events reflect that Oliver is a honest and brave boy.

    I like the story because it is interesting, because there is no similar case which happened in the reality

    I like the story because it teaches me that we can&#39;t behave bad, if we behave in bad way, then we will always be fightened for being caught.

    I like the story because the life of Oliver is poor when he is only 10, i sympathise him very much

    I will change the age of Oliver because he is only 10 and have to face to many cruel events

    I will change the story to be much more happier, for example to change that Oliver can know the rich man earlier

    I will change the character of Oliver that he is too honest, and easily to be cheated by the others

    The ending of the story is Oliver can live with the rich man happily and the rich man belives Oliver that he is honest and will not behave bad

    The story tells us that we need to know people smartly which do not easily to trust people, they may be bad guys

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