How to make a BVE?

How to make a BVE?

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    BVE Trainsim (formerly BVE, which is an abbreviation of Boso View Express, Japanese: 暴走ビューエクスプレス) is a freeware train simulator written by Takashi Kojima, a Japanese graduate student. It is currently available only for Windows 98, Window Me, Windows 2000, and Windows XP operating systems. Users have also had success running BVE on software emulators such as Virtual PC, and WINE. Version 2 of BVE requires DirectX, while the latest version 4 release requires the Microsoft .NET platform be installed. Its former name, Boso View Express, was a pun based on the name given to the East Japan Railway Company 255 series EMU.

    A slightly customised version of the BVE 4 is also used by the London Transport Museum as part of their interactive museum exhibits. Currently, the Northern and Jubilee Line routes from the London Underground series are installed onto the machines. Visitors are able to visit the mock-up cabs and experience being a London Underground driver.

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