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英文presentation 演講稿 幫忙修改一下

這是ㄧ個group 的 presentation 的演講

題目是設計 電子拖鞋

我講的部分是 place




可以的話 順便幫我加點 idea



I’ll talk about place .The place in advertisement is means, how to get our products in the market. Where can costumers buy our products? Our products are cooperating with famous shops and selling on internet. Firstly, I will talk about shops. Kmart and Target are famous and popular shops in Australia. The well-famous stores can help a new product (a new brand) sales promotion. Costumers can go there to realize our products and also it is convenience for costumers, because Kmart and Target are chain stores and they have a lot of shops in Australia.

Secondly, I am going to talk about selling on internet. It has many advantages. We do not need to worry about location, rent place, how to training the staff. And also for customers, if they want to buy our products, they do not have to go outside, they do not have to worry about weather, just use internet and click mouse. The express delivery will deliver our products to costumer’s house. But sell products on internet in the past have a big problem, because the products on internet just show pictures, the costumers can not feel a real product. So, we have a special design on internet. We create the unique function. A 3D model, customers can see different angles of electric slippers. And also, we provide more selections for customers. Customers can change the slippers color and package color what thy like. On the other hand, we have videos which shows the users wear the electric slippers when they walking and every function in every conditions .It is very interesting and attracting for customers and it similar like they go to the shops to see real electric slippers.


我講的部分是 地點,地點在廣告行銷中是指,如何將我們的產品引進市場?

顧客要去哪裡買我們的產品呢? 我們的產品與有名的商店合作並且在網路上販售,首先 我先談論商店,Kmart 和 Target 是最有名也是最普級的商店,佔了澳洲大部分的市場。許多小朋友或青年當他們要買玩具時,第一個想到的是Kmart 和 Target。因此,和著名的商店合作可以幫助新產品的促銷,顧客可以到這些地方對我們的產品有所認識,對顧客也相當方便,因為Kmart 和Target


Update 2:

第二,我要談論使用網路銷售我們的產品,使用網路有很多優點,我們不用考慮地點 租金 如何訓練員工。對顧客來說,他們不用出門購物,不用擔心天氣,只要上網點一下滑鼠,我們將會有快遞把產品送到顧客家裡。但網路銷售在過去常常有個很大的問題,因為在網路上只能看到圖片,無法使顧客感覺到真正的產品,所以我們設計了很特別的功能,3D模型 顧客可以看到電子拖鞋的各種不同角度,而且我們提供顧客更多選擇,顧客可以選擇自己喜歡顏色的電子拖鞋和包裝,另外,我們網路上提供使用電子拖鞋的各種影片和功能,這樣的設計就像


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    I suggest you write in Chinese, don't really understand what you have writen in English

    2008-06-17 13:03:22 補充:


    The portion I would like to discuss is location. Location in advertisement marketing is referring to how we could introduce our products to the consumer market?


    Where would our customer like to purchase our products?

    我們的產品與有名的商店合作並且在網路上販售,首先我先談論商店,Kmart 和 Target 是最有名也是最普級的商店,佔了澳洲大部分的市場。

    We have cooperated with other famous store and sell our products on the internet. First of all, I would like to discuss about the store we are cooperating. Kmart and Target are the most famous and common store in Australia and they have very larger market share.

    許多小朋友或青年當他們要買玩具時,第一個想到的是Kmart 和 Target。

    Whenever kids or teenager wanted to buy toys, the store that first to their mind is either Kmart or Target.


    Therefore working together with famous store could help to promote our new products and customers get to know our products in these stores.

    對顧客也相當方便,因為Kmart 和Target是連鎖店,在澳洲隨處可見

    As for customer it is very convenient for them as in Australia you could find franchise store of Kmart and Target almost everywhere.

    第二,我要談論使用網路銷售我們的產品,使用網路有很多優點,我們不用考慮地點租金 如何訓練員工。

    Secondly I would discuss how we use internet to promote and sell our products. There are many advantages of using internet, such as we don’t have worry about rental fee or location and training of service staff.


    In the customer aspect, they could shop with comfort at home without worrying about bad weather. Customer just need to surf the internet and wit a click on mouse we will send the goods right to their door step with express mail.


    2008-06-17 13:03:51 補充:

    However during the old day, there are problem selling products on the internet as customer could only see the products and could not have a real feeling on the actual products.

    2008-06-17 13:04:07 補充:

    所以我們設計了很特別的功能,3D模型 顧客可以看到電子拖鞋的各種不同角度,

    Therefore we have design a special function, a 3-D model of our electronic slipper that customer could see it at different angle.

    2008-06-17 13:04:28 補充:


    And we also provide customer with many selection, such as customer can select their prefer colour electronic slipper or packing.

    2008-06-17 13:04:51 補充:


    In addition, on the internet we also provide movie footage on how to use electronic slipper and functions. This type of design is very similar to actual shopping at the stores.

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