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英文翻譯 Precautions..... Mark sur

Mark sure that the child’s stomach is not sagging,

which indicates inactive abdominal muscle. In the case of inactive abdominal, facilitate this muscle group through

handling, such as tapping or intermittent support, or providing proximal support by using equipment ; for

example, a ball or bolster.


Have the child knock over the objects with one hand. Have the child pick up an object and throw it at a target.

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    肯定標記兒童的胃不是 下垂,

    哪些表明不活潑的腹肌。 在不活潑胃腸情況下,通過促進這個肌肉小組

    處理,例如輕拍或 斷斷續續的支持或者提供接近支持通過使用設備; 為



    有兒童敲在對象單手。 讓孩子拾起對象 并且投擲它在目標。

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