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Hydrogen in my 2-stroke?

I have a Suzuki Ts-185 project and was wondering If it was possible to use Hydrogen in a 2-stroke engine?


oh just so you know it has a separate tank for the 2-stroke oil, you don't have to mix it in the tank.

Update 2:

wow the tank won't hold hydrogen i wouldn't have expected that!

seriously people!

with a regulator would the hydrogen and oil mix properly in the carb

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    Most 2-cycle engines require mixing of engine lubricant (2-cycle oil) with the gasoline. On some you have to do that, on others the mixing is done inside the carb.

    The challenge with a gaseous fuel (propane, CNG or hydrogen) would be getting a vapor and liquid to mix. Not sure how to do that. If anyone's set up 2-cycle engines to run on propane or CNG, they'd know. CNG is quite similar to hydrogen in how it's handled.

    Personally I think it's ridiculous. If you're doing a hydrogen conversion, the hydrogen stuff will cost MUCH more than the engine you're converting, so there's no reason to keep a particular engine. replace the engine with a 4-cycle engine -> solved.

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    It might run. You'd need a pressure tank full of hydrogen gas from the welding shop and some way to meter it into the air intake. The carburetor would be irrelevant, and so you'd have to figure out how to optimize the fuel-air mixture for each throttle setting, which is what your carburetor does automatically.

    After you fool for a while with gaseous fuels in general and hydrogen in particular you'll see why gasoline is such a good fuel, but your bike will probably run.

    I ran my old Ford truck engine on propane once by poking the head of an unlit propane torch down the intake manifold. It's tricky to regulate, so that's your first job.

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    4 years ago

    Don't believe it! This is a scam! Anyone can hook up a hydrogen generator to their car or house, but the amount of electricity or gas burned will cost you more than the hydrogen will put out. Unless you can rig some kind of generator as a braking system for your car (for cheap) it's not worth it. There have been products like this for years (they used to sell a cigarette lighter plug in to devise to truckers) they went away for a while and now they are back for cars (a bubbler hydrogen system under the hood) It's the same old scam. There are however some legit technologies seemingly similar, to this, but very advanced and complicated. You may be able to hook up a small nat. gas tank to supliment or run you motor cycle at a good savings but, you gota do some reasearch.

  • let me start off by saying Hydrogen is a great option for the concept of free energy. I built my first hydrogen cell about 5 years ago. Have converted over 50 vehicles in the last 10 years (gydrogen and EV) and now currently run 2 trucks (and another EV), my home hot water heater, home stove and home generator on hydrogen for free with caught rain water and the help of a $10 solar panel. I offer a step by step DIY guide to walk anyone interested threw the process. You can find it at www agua-luna com or you can email me.

    There are basically 3 safe ways to make and use it... chemically, electrically and molecularly, the first 2 being easier so I'll only discuss them here. The fallowing steps were taking directly out of a DIY guide I offer to those who would like to run their vehicles or home on hydrogen safely. The entire guide is available at www agua-luna com

    On demand h2 generators are a bit different from the Hollywood versions like seen Chain Reaction with Keanu Reeves, that tend to explode violently every time a film is being made. However when used in an on-demand system there is no storage of hydrogen and oxygen in its gas form, only liquid (water) and is only transformed into gas “on-demand” in small cylinder size amounts. It’s actually safer then gasoline as it doesn’t evaporate, creating explosive fumes in the tank like gas. the following were actually taken out of my $5 guide available at www agua-luna com


    1. You’ll need a 6inch x 1ft schedule 40 pvc pipe. With pvc cement glue a cap on the bottom and use a screw on cap for the top. Drill a small hole (1/4inch or so) in the side close to the top, screwing in a small copper shut off valve. Place a few feet of stranded (food grade is good) flex hose to the valve and into the air intake of your engine (carburetor or fuel injections).

    2. Now crunch up a couple aluminum cans (beer cans, soda cans etc) and drop them into the pvc pipe, along with a couple cups of lye (Red Devil drain opener has lye in it, some Clorox and Drano’s do to).

    3. Then simply add water, screw on the top and wait a few minutes.

    What happens in simplicity is that aluminum and lye don’t really get along so they battle, and as always the innocent civilians (water H2O) that the most casualties, by giving up its hydrogen and oxygen. This then builds up in the void of the pipe and is ready to be vented into your engine, by opening the valve. You may need to start your engine on gas then switch it off after the hydrogen starts burning.

    Electrical is a bit easier then Chemically.

    1. Simply take a small solar panel 1.5 amps is what I use ($9 at, connect the 2 wires from the panel +- to 2 conductors (carbon cores of batteries work well, just be careful removing it from the jacket), but any conductive material will work ie. Copper, aluminum, steel, etc.

    2. Drop the wires into a water tank (I use 55gal drums), make sure they don’t touch each other.

    3. Drill a small hole (1/4inch or so) in the side close to the top, screwing in a small copper shut off valve. Place a few feet of stranded (food grade is good) flex hose to the valve and into the air intake of your engine (carburetor or fuel injections).

    4. Then simply add water, screw on the top cap and wait.

    After a few hours tiny bubbles will form and rise off one conductor (that’s hydrogen) and even smaller bubbles that just looks like foam will rise off the other (oxygen). I don’t remember which likes the positive and which likes the neg hydrogen or the oxygen.

    The third method is more complicated and is what I use for my vehicles. It’s just a modified Joe’s Cell, there’s a step by step DIY guide available to walk you threw the process here www agua-luna com

    It also covers the other 2 methods described in more detail.

    www agua-luna com

    Hope this helped, feel free to contact me personally if you have any questions if you’d like assistance in making your first self sufficient steps, I’m willing to walk you step by step threw the process. I’ve written several how-to DIY guides available at www agua-luna com on the subject. I also offer online and on-site workshops, seminars and internships to help others help the environment.

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