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the happening?

have you seen "the happening" yet?? how many stars would you give it?? should i go see it?? was it scary?? whats it about?? what is actually happening?? please awnser any of these questions i want to go see it but im not tottaly convinced yet what did you think of the movie

why is it rated R...lanauge,nudy,ghore,what?

im 14 and i want to see it... will it scare me?? i olny get scarded by like scary faces like "the ring" and you know those kinds of movies please awnser any or all of my questions??!! :)

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    I'll answer the R rating part.


    Violence & Gore

    A woman stabs herself in the side of the neck with a large, metal hair stick.

    A man lays on the ground and allows a ride-on lawnmower to drive over him, the scene cuts away just as the blood starts spraying

    A group of construction workers leap off of a tall building to their deaths. One is shown in graphic detail as the man hits the ground and other workers look at his broken body.

    A man jumps in a lion cage at a zoo and gets attacked by a lion. We see the lion begin ripping the man's arm off in graphic detail.

    A police officer shoots himself in the head, we see a bullet hole and blood squirting out.

    We see many dead bodies hanging from trees by nooses.

    A red jeep slams hard into a tree, totaling it and a the driver's body flies through the windshield a passenger exits the vehicle sits down slits his wrists with broken glass from the crash.

    We see an older woman slam her head through a window. She then looks up at the camera as her face is gushing blood.

    We see people getting shot with guns.

    Two kids are shot, one with with a shotgun, another in the head. Blood sprays at the camera. We see the impact of the shotgun blast.

    Bodies seen from a distance through binoculars

    two scenes of many people taking turns shooting themselves with the same gun (seen once, the other is only heard)


    A kid calls someone the five letter vulgar word for the female genitalia. the end of a dirty joke about male genitalia is heard. brief sex related humor


    Fake glasses of wine are seen in a model home.

    Frightening/Intense Scenes

    A strange epidemic reaches the US causing the following stages to the human body: first, speech disablement. Second, the inability to move. And then, third, though not fully explained in any trailer or clip so far, the victims seem to have the urge to commit suicide, with scenes of falling bodies, stabbings, and hangings

    A woman slaps a young child's wrist when she reaches for a cookie.

    Explosive startles.

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    I have seen The Happening; I would give it 2/4 stars; If you would like to kind of waste your time, see it; It wasn't that scary; It's about these plants that release some kind of poison or such that makes people ; What's happening is people due to the gas released by the plants.

    It is rated R for the violent images (people falling off builidings, commiting ) used in the film.

    I'm 15 and it didn't scare me ONE BIT. There are no scary faces in this film, unless you're afraid of infected humans.

  • I really disliked that movie. I sat through the entire movie wondering if anything more would happen, but the same thing happens to almost every character. I would have liked a more exciting ending and an ending that made more sense.

  • Anonymous
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    Overall I would call it entertaining but unfulfilling.

    I actually thought the acting was pretty good. I liked the concept and I loved the cinematography. It really had me scared in some parts.

    But I left wanting more resolution than what it offered.

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    yes, i would give it 4 stars and it wasnt that scary but i would say its suspensful. Its about an airborne allergen in the air that makes the people do crazy things ( i dont wanna spoil it for u) its rated R because of the gore, and i dont think it will scare u ,i think it will just make ur jaw drop.

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    The Happening was ok, it started off good but the ending was pretty boring... They should have called this movie "When Good Plants Go Bad"

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    the dumbest movie ever. two thumbsdown to Mr. M Night SH!Tmalan. don't waste your money.

    sixth sense was it for him...after that its been all downhill. the ony reason why i watched this movie was because it was mostly filmed in Philly where i am from. but overall...dumbest movie ever.

    leaves? trees? wind??? seriously. BOO!

    wanna know what REALLY happened?? I WASTED $10 dollars on this crap movie!

  • Jamie
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    Mad as a hatter

    Worst creation of M. Night Shyamalan

    Mark Wahlberg acts like George Clooney in "Michael Clayton"

    the only thing that's scary in this movie is Zooey Deschanel with her dilated blue eyes.

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    2 stars - fair

    Good idea that goes south pretty quick. You'll be falling asleep by the end.

  • Anonymous
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    ys it will scare you. u will probly have nightmares and u will probly think it will really happen lol.

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