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Is At&t internet any good?

I'm searching for a better internet. I have a desktop & notebook so what would be the best type of equipment for them?

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    at&t should be great but you are dealing with a company that does not honor their promises & gives major run around if you contract with them. Now they are even using the fact that the departments are separate as an excuse for their disrespectful & dishonest actions.

    I spent 7-8 months trying to get them to resolve the fact that I could not access either at&t or yahoo e-mail once I signed up with them. I couldn't drop my dial up if I wanted e-mail access so I paid at&t & that whole time. When I called they couldn't figure the problem out so said to call yahoo who said it was at&t. When I fell for the upgrade they again said it was yahoo then said it was Microsoft who said it was at&t who said to try HP. HP also said it was at&t but they were very helpful & resolved some things by undoing what at&t had done. That whole time I also asked why I was being double billed & never received the rebate they promised. They reminded me of their great customer service & resolved nothing.

    When I called to cancel at&t/yahoo they said my internet was going from $14.99 to 19.99 that month & promised that if I upgrade they would send a tech for free that would not leave without resolving the internet problems & I would get their U-verse (cable tv) free for a month. This was when I still could not access e-mail with at&t. They also again promised to send the $50 rebate due 8 months before. I explained that I do not want & cannot afford cable tv but want internet with e-mail access as promised so I fell for the con. It took all weekend for the guy to install the 2 boxes (1 didn't work & they promised 3.) The tech couldn't figure out the e-mail access problem & I spent more hours on the phone with them (& yahoo, Microsoft & HP) over the next few days. When I finally got e-mail access they promptly lost half of my folders & files.

    I learned that part of the "deal" to try that package was $50 incentive so when they again agreed to finally pay $50 for the router rebate from last year it should have been a $100 total. They never paid it as promised but then said they had credited $50 for the original rebate. The whole time I had been asking why they were double billing me & it was discovered that they decided I wanted long distance service which someone was charging calls to (although it wasn't me.) I cancelled the un-ordered long distance with "Tony" in India but they continue to bill me even when I give the details & confirmation number. At one point I got a good customer service rep but they would not let her talk to me when I was re-routed. They said to call back on their busiest day & she would call back then. They also gave me a supervisors number which is always voice mail & he does not respond back. I called the day they requested but no one returned the call.

    When it works right the U-verse is decent cable tv but you still have to deal with at&t so there are problems. When I cancelled the U-verse tv (before the 1 month deadline) the rep would not give me a confirmation number but said they will disconnect it & send boxes to return their equipment. They continue to provide the tv & bill (actually double bill) me. Apparently that "free month" meant whatever month you sign up not an actual month as they set up the tv boxes the last weekend of the month & began billing a few days later since it was the next month. They said the internet upgrade(supposedly $25 a month) would make it faster & better. It actually appears slower & has no known benefits. Also the at&t/yahoo rate did go up but it was a couple of months later than stated.The canceled U-verse is an additional $59-89 a month.

    At this point I really don't know what to do since their word is not good, so if they keep "providing services" on things not ordered to begin with yet cancelled with a confirmation number how can I expect them to honor the verbally promised cancelation (for U-verse tv) that the rep refused to give a number for? I have refused to pay what I have cancelled but it gets confusing with 2-3 overlapping bills each month. They will probably start sending me to collections soon. Not really fair after a year of paying long distance I never ordered & for calls I didn't make, then paying for a dial up for another 8 months to have access to e-mail while paying at&t for internet & e-mail, & now being presented with expensive bills for a cable tv service I didn't want to begin with & canceled.

    I have since met others that had similar problems with at&t. Unless you are wealthy & into s&m you probably should avoid at&t at all costs. I have heard good things about ComCast & DSLextreme but have not tried them yet.

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    Is At&t Internet Good

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    It's bad

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    I have to tell you, nothing is better than Comcast. Comcast Voice, Comcast Cable, and Comcast Internet.

    it's the faster, and most reliable.

    all my friends and relatives have Comcast as well and we all LOVE it.

    don't make the mistake of choosing anything else.

    to save money, buy the whole package. the cable, phone service, and internet. when they say 3 for one low price they're not kidding. there may be cheaper stuff out there, but it could never live up to the quality and reliability of Comcast. plus, the channels for cable and features for phone and internet that Comcast offers are unbelievable.

    wow... i sound like an infomercial! but i really hope this helps!

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    its pretty good. its really cheap. they offer all these different speeds. they sell the equipment too. if your need the router for wireless, they sell one thats integrated with their modem. call them or go to their website to check them out.

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