magesty cheats?

i need some magesty cheats

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Spawning cheat

    To use the cheats simply press ''Enter'' and enter the cheat

    Cheat Effect

    Goblin rush = Spawn all sorts of Goblins

    Night of the living dead = Spawn all sorts of Undeads

    Highlighted = Makes the hero more powerful

    Spawn strong enemies

    Cheat Effect hit enter and type 'prepare to die' = spawns rock golems and dragons at edges of map

    Royal Advisor sings

    Press enter and after code is typed press enter again to activate code

    Password Effect Planet Fargo = Royal advisor will sing for a period of time

    !!**Note**!!- "=" means that after the designated word entered will work. Just to clear everything up before you start typing in "=" in your cheats and they might fail to work.

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    1 decade ago

    Click on this link to get a list of the different cheats you can enter...

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