What color to counteract yellow tones?

I just stripped my hair from a medium golden brown. It turned bright orange/red, so I did it again, turning it light orange. So I colored it with L'Oreal Extra Light Ash Blonde. Now its yellow, especially on my roots, and looks a bit green,. What color would I need to counteract the yellow/green?

Thanks a bunch for any help ;)


What would happen if I do put ash on it, or red tones?

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    Apparently it is best to use a red-based colour, such as strawberry blonde as a "copper base or red orange". Do not put anything "ash" on it.

    If you look to the colour wheel, red and green (ash) are direct complimentary colours so this would be logical.

    Source(s): http://all-for-women.com/viewtopic.php?t=42316979 This crazy forum also has suggestions to put ketchup on your hair, the post I got my answer from is the last one.
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    Since your natural hair color has a lot of red under tones in it that explains the orange when you stripped it. When you used the ash the ends are more porous and probably grabbed the green. First of all I suggest you go to a professional for a color correction. If that is not possible try a color that has a blue/violet base, it should help the roots but may not do much for the ends.

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    purply blue for yellow, red for green.

    it's sad, because i know this cuz of makeup. green tinted makeup to counteract redness and yellow toned to counter act dark circles lmao


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    Source(s): Reverse Baldness http://enle.info/HowToStopHairLoss/?GzlU
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    haha- jk. get a cool toned blonde

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