In what Star Wars novel does Luke Skywalker marry Mara Jade?

I've just started to get into the Star Wars books and read the Thrawn trilogy and would really like to find out how those two's relationship grew into marriage. :)


I've just started to get into the Star Wars books and read the Thrawn trilogy and would really like to find out how those two's relationship grew into marriage. :)

***and I'm sorry to have given it away to anyone, but I assumed I was one of the only people who DIDNT know they got married. Many later Star Wars books mention they are married :(***

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    To the guy who flipped because you "gave it away" ... you better not read my answer because that will probably REALLY tick you off for no reason again. Anyways ...

    Luke and Mara's marriage is not told in a book. It is told in a Dark Horse Comic series titled "Union". IIRC it was a 4 issue run but I know that it is available in Graphic Novel form now also because that's how I have it.

    I remember thinking when I was reading "Heir To The Empire" that the character of Mara seemed pretty cool. By the end of that book, after their trek through the jungle and all the other stuff that happened between them, I knew right then and there that Luke had just found his wife ... it's just too bad it took them 10 years to figure it out.

    All of the books put out in that 10 year time span in the time line have Luke and Mara's paths crossing again and again and it becomes obvious that their relationship has grown from working against a common foe to general respect to friends to ... well you get the picture. The books that show them finally realizing just how much they love each other are The Hand Of Thrawn Duology. The titles for these books are: "Specter Of The Past" and "Vision Of The Future". These two books are written by the "Dean" of the Star Wars EU (Expanded Universe) Timothy Zahn. He is the one who wrote The Thrawn Trilogy that you have read. These two books are just as good as those ones and "Vision Of The Future" is better. There is only one real "rule" in the Star Wars EU ... if Zahn wrote it ... it's good. So, if you want to read the books where Luke and Mara's relationship went from dear friends to a love so deep it was almost a unique event in the Universe these are the two to read ... SPOTP (Specter Of The Past) & VOTF (Vision Of The Future). I would very strongly suggest that when you buy them ... buy both of them. When you get to the end of SPOTP you will know why you should have the other one sitting right there waiting for you to pick it up. I don't want to give it away so I'll just say multiple "cliff hangers" at the end of the book ... ones that will almost outrage you if you don't have the other book right there to start reading.

    Now that being said ... whenever I get asked about which books to read first I always say The Thrawn Trilogy. Number two is the X-Wing series of books. The X-Wing books don't have much in them about the the "Big 3" of Han, Luke, & Leia. Luke & Leia make small little cameos here and there but not a lot. Han does take on a much bigger role in the last couple of books of this series. The reason to read these books is tht they give a HUGE amount of back ground on some of the less "famous" characters. Wedge Antilles is a major player in this series and we find out why he is considered the 2nd best pilot in the galaxy behind Luke. We also get introduced to some really great new characters.

    The ironic thing about me recommending the X-Wing books is that I never thought I would like them so I never bothered to read them. During one of the "lulls" between "major" Star Wars books coming out I got bored and got book 1 to read ... all along knowing that I would "hate" it ... it only took maybe 5 pages to know that I had been very wrong about these books. Every one of them is a great read but book 4 titled "The Bacta War" is the best but in true Star Wars fashion you almost have to read the books in order to make any sense out of them.

    Since you seem to be a big Luke and Mara fan like myself I'll skip that and say read The Hand Of Thrawn Trilogy. The way Luke asked her to marry him is classic Luke ... awkward but in a cool way ... lol ...

    Most of the books that Zahn has written have something to do with Luke and Mara except "Outbound Flight". This book is the first appearance of Thrawn. This is also a book where we get to meet the "real" C'boath. Kind of ironic that Thrawn would meet the "real" C'boath and then encounter a Clone of C'boath on Wayland all those years later.

    While this book doesn't have Luke and Mara in it the "sequel" to it, "Survivor's Quest", Luke and Mara play a huge role in it.

    "Allegiance" is another great book written by Zahn. It is set in between ep IV and ep V. Both Luke and Mara are in it but they never meet. Actually a really great book all by itself.

    I have all the pages of the graphic novel "Union" that is about Luke and Mara's wedding scanned onto my computer because I've been working on making it into a .pdf file. If you want the "raw" pictures drop me a line with your email address and I will email them to you.

    May The Force Be With You ...

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    Mara Skywalker

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    Luke Skywalker Wife

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    Both "xerxes_ii" & "Techiedude1" are 100% completely WRONG!! For crying out loud if "Techiedude1" actually READ the Wiki page they linked to their answer they would have seen that because it says the TRUTH right in the text of the link. For the record ... Luke asked Mara to marry him in book two of the Hand of Thrawn Duology titled "Vision of The Future". They were married in the Dark Horse Comic 4 part series titled "Union". Reading IS fundamental ... or at least keeps the taste of your foot out of your mouth ... good Lord !! May The Force Be With You ... .

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    Keep reading, but I do not think there was a specific novel in which they got married. The four-issue comic series, Star Wars: Union focuses on the marriage.

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    Thank you for that. I would also like the photos.

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