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Is there any way to turn Barium Hydroxide and Ammonia into Barium Hydroxide and Ammonium Nitrate?

After reacting Barium Hydroxide with Ammonium Nitrate I am wondering how I am able to return the products Barium Nitrate, Water, and Ammonia back into Barium Hydroxide and Ammonium Nitrate.

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    yes. here's step by step how to do it.

    1) place wizard's hat on head

    2) take out wand

    3) spin in circles while chanting your magic word...can be anything as long as it is registered with the nsa (national sorcerer's association)

    4) continue this until purple smoke fills the room. if this smoke is blue, you've done something wrong and must start over*

    *should a large black hole appear, contact the irdm (international registry of dreadful mistakes)

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