What causes flames to come out of an exhaust pipe?

For example: On Need For Speed Tokyo Drift while shifting gears flames come out of the exhaust. What causes this to happen?

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    un-burnt fuel

    or add a butane gas cylinder in the boot/trunk then you can press a switch and an injector and spark plug will cause a flame.

    If you have a turbo then up boost will cause over fuelling and have this effect.


    universal flamer kit on link above.


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    flames vid for fun.


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    What Causes Exhaust Flames

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    In top racing car (not street sports car), the engine runs very rich for power (12:1 fuel to air ratio instead of the street 14.7:1), and as the driver lets off the "gas" the air intake closes and briefly become incredibly rich. And it is that rich mixture that ignites inside the exhaust pipes and out the back.

    This is mostly on older CARBURETOR engine (like NASCAR racing).

    On street cars, they make that happen on purpose by shutting down the ignition (spark plugs), then turning on an extra hidden spark plug at the exhuast tip.

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