Who is this POP female singer? Looks like a mix of Kylie Minogue and Madonna...?

I am searching for this singer. If I am not wrong, she is from england. On all her video clips, she is dressing a very funny and fanzy dress. I remember one where she goes to a fast-food place, sits in, and then start dancing. Her stile remembers much of Kylie Minogue. She is a recent artist, I have seen those videos on last year. Remember she has the stile of Madonna and Kylie. She is like a Dance singer, with few electronic instruments. I don't know if she released any other record, and I never heard from her here in Brazil. Thanks for all!


"mavenofmusic", I still guess the girl I am looking for is from england. And "Anniieee", as far Lily Allen looks a little "alternative", the funny dresses I reffer looks much more like as "Cruella De Vil" from the movie 101 Dalmatians. Here is a photo for refference: http://www.imdb.com/media/rm654285056/tt0115433 ; From what I remember, she is skinny and blond. This video clip I mention on the question remembers me a lot from "Murder on the dancefloor" from Sophie Ellis Bextor. If I am not wrong with the clip storyline, the girl is walking on the street, with a big hat and fancy cloth, enters into a fast-food place, sits in a table, and then starts dancing. I remember also from other clip where she is walking on the street with one fancy dress too (like Cruella) 'till she gets home. I am not shure if "fancy" means what I mean for... I use the word in place of a very exquisit and expensive clothing. Thanks

Update 2:

Ooops... Sorry "mavenofmusic", now I have seen the girl you mention was from UK. But is not her. Thanks

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