Could someone name some "quick-release" shooters in the history of basketball?

Please help me think of some players, suck as Ray Allen, that have quick releases.

much appreciated

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    Ray Allen, Larry Bird, Michael Redd, Richard Hamilton, Kyle Korver, Reggie Miller, Rick Barry, Brent Barry, Walter Davis, J.J Reddick, Allan Houston, Glen Rice, Peja Stojakavic, Mike Miller, Jason Kapono, Daniel Gibson, Dirk Nowitzki, Quentin Richardson, Voshon LEnard, Jeff Hornacek, Steve Kerr, Kareem Rush, Craig Hodges, Tim Legler, Byron Scott, Gilbert Arenas, Eddie House, Cat Mobley, Joe Johnson, James Jones, MAtt Carroll, Sasha Vujacic, J.R Smith.

    These are just a few, there are way too many quick release shooters in the history of basketball, because it is an essential part of the sport, so many in the league have mastered it.

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    Beyond Ray Allen, being possibly the best 3 point shooter in NBA history whose name isn't Larry Bird, the best quick release shooters I can think of are:

    -Michael Jordan

    -Reggie Miller

    -Gilbert Arenas

    -Michael Redd

    -Mark Price

    -Mitch Richmond

    -Jason Kapono

    -Matt Carroll

    -Leandro Barbosa

    -Kobe Bryant

    -JJ Redick

    -Wally Szczerbiak

    -Rip Hamilton

    -Glen Rice

    -Allan Houston

    -Wesley Person

    -Tim Legler

    -Dan Majerle

    -Vernon Maxwell

    -Steve Kerr

    There's more out there, but when I think of the best shooters with a quick release, these guys come to mind immediately

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    Dell Curry was an awesome quick release shooter, the rest of his game was missing though.

    Mitch Richmond had a fast shot, as did Vinnie (the microwave) Johnson.

    others come to mind, Eddie Johnson, Michael Redd, Gilbert Arenas, Drazen Petrovic, Reggie Miller and Jeff Hornacek, Jeff Malone...

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    Ive seen alot of guys which could immediately only shoot the ball, despite if, could not play in the NBA. in particular by way of fact they have been too slow to get their shot off. it is Reddicks situation, I dont think of he's rapid and athletic adequate to ever get his shot off in the NBA. he would be a niche up shooter the place he will choose somebody else to create the shot for him. To me the greastest shooters I actual have ever seen play in the NBA considering being waiting to get their very own shot off are: a million. Larry chook 2. Mark value 3. Reggie Miller 4. Chris Mullin 5. Sedale possibility

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    Purvis Short's rainbow jumpers were demoralizing.

    Jack Sikma was impossible to guard in his younger days with his quick shot and 6'11" frame.

    Steve Kerr made a few for the champion Chicago Bulls.

    The actual "quick release" jump shot was invented by Kenny Sailors, a member of the 1943 national champion Wyoming Cowboys basketball team. He was only 6'2" and needed the higher release, and that's how he discovered it.

    Source(s): Wyoming Cowboys fan - Go Pokes!
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    Reggie Miller (glorified the "Catch and Shoot")

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    earl boykins

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