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Why is the STS space shuttle program ending in 2010?

I have read that the Constellation series of human space flight rockets arnt going to be ready until 2014, so why is nasa ending the space shuttle program in 2010. I have heard obvious reasons like the shuttles are gettin old but i still dont see why they cant just be reffited.

With the space shuttles retired, does it mean that the ISS will be relying on the russian soyuz rockets to conduct crew changes and some resupply needs?

Also related to this questions, what other human spaceflight vehicles are there, reusable and expendable?

Thank you.

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    As with anything where billions of public dollars are involved, its a political decision. In this case, a result of the loss of the Shuttle Columbia and the investigations that came as a result. There is no good reason that the Shuttle could not fly for a few years after 2010, but there are issues that resulted from earlier decisions of the 70s and 80s. Such as, not building more than one additional Shuttle to replace the 1986 lost Challenger. That meant that the Shuttle fleet would never be more than four, and losing one means that you have only three, and that makes it harder to fly a regular program. Plus, from three, lose one more, meaning you have two, and flying safely then becomes almost impossible.

    The two cited books can give you both the background, and the more recent decision making process.

    So, without the Shuttle, getting big payloads up to the ISS gets harder. That will leave the Russian Soyuz & Progress spacecraft, and the new ESA supply craft Jules Verne, as the only ways on and off the ISS.

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    That's because the shuttles are pretty much a dead end anyway. All they do is orbit the earth. Besides, they were introduced years after they were first proposed and are using 1970s technology. It's time for something new.

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    there is one extra launch of Atlantis scheduled. After that, the shuttles retire, long previous due for it. they have served some distance longer than meant. confident, that's going to be the top of the commute application continuously, that's style of ways it must be till you fairly like killing astronauts. it won't, in spite of if, be the top of manned spaceflight. that's going to be approximately 3-4 years in the previous NASA's alternative (outfitted around the Orion pill, which became appropriate to the only factor of the Constellation application to get on the factor of of entirety, and a few off-the-shelf launch answer) comes online. contained on the instant, curiously like Soyuz and the hot SpaceX Dragon (try-released this December) would be used for servicing the ISS. the US, of course, keeps unmanned launch applications via using the Delta family individuals of launch automobiles. It has grow to be the popular ability for fairly boosting payloads, given the Shuttles' universal launch delays and lack of ability to apply the Centaur booster for geosynchronous payload transport. you will possibly ok see Delta IV Heavies lifting the Orion spacecraft to LEO interior the close to destiny. regrettably, the way forward for us manned spaceflight after the commute have been lumped right into a single 'do-each and every thing' application referred to as Constellation, which blanketed ideas for the two NASA's orbital applications and a return to the moon, lumped right into a single family individuals of spacecraft. It blanketed the Orion pill, the Altair lander, and the Ares I and Ares V launch automobiles. this methodology lumbered, flailed, and haemorrhaged funds, ending up vastly not on time with in basic terms the Orion systems everywhere on the factor of of entirety. it is the perfect reason for the delay, inspite of the shown fact that it style of feels as though it might nicely be rectified via the corporate of the Obama administration's national area coverage, that's extra of a staged recommendations-set than a 'do it suddenly' plan.

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    STS or Service to Self- is being transformed by us into STO or Service to Others. We are changing as a species so this reflects in our modern world. NASA being related to heaven sky space is the mirror.

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    Because NASA doesn't have a big enough budget for it, and the shuttles are too old and unsafe. It's just time for a new ship.

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    the shuttles are old and falling apart. they have ever been particularly reliable, nor have they been cost-effective. they are older than many commercial airliners, and work a lot harder to do what they do.

    for the moment, yes, soyuz is it.

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