Where is palestine?

Sometimes i hear people say they are from palestine or are palestinian...but i looked at the map and cant find it. I also looked up on the CIA factbook and there is no country called Palestine. I mean why do they claim to be from a country that hasnt been around for many many years? I mean, im from california and that used to be part of mexico, but i would never claim to be a mexican. My mother is from england but she would not claim to be roman even though the romans controlled england soooo long ago.


Crystal : If you conquer a people isnt it now your country? Like when the muslims conquered constaninople and called it istanbul..didnt they have a right to change the name?

Same with israel. They conquered you, and they get to name it. Its been this way since the beginning of time. Im sure israel has hurt some of your people and your people have done the same to israelis. But why cant you blame the person for the wrong doing and not the country. Every man has a choice about what he does to another. Just because a government or person of power tells you to do something wrong, doesnt mean you have to do it.

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    Palestine is what the jews stole to make the fake state of "israel" for themselves by forcefully driving away the native Palestinian people and killing the ones that resisted. Too bad you are looking at the jewish circulated maps. We also have the maps in CA showing Palestine, but it appears that you've decided not to see them.

    See this map. I don't see no "israel"


    Edit: Agree, they had the power to change the names, which they did. They never conquered me. OK let's forget the "land matters". How do you justify killing kids in their sleep? How do you justify killing pregnant women along with their babies? How do you justify randomly bombarding a densely populated civilian area with powerful missiles? How do you justify demolishing a house over it's inhabitants? How do you justify reducing houses to rubble? How do you justify bulldozing farms? How do you justify collective punishment? How do you justify shooting children from watch towers for no apparent reason? How do you justify adult soldiers hitting an 8 year old? How do you justify hitting an 80 year old woman with baseball bats? How do you justify killing a 13 year old with 17 shots to the head?


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    Palestine is not a country but rather an area of land which includes Israel.

    For hundreds of years, up until 1918, it was occupied by the Turkish. From 1914-1948 it was under British Mandate and the Arabs and Jews lived together. A UN resolution said that the land should be split between Israel and Palestine however many Arabs refuse to accept Israel as a state and include it as part of palestine.

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    Sure, your map doesn't mention Palestine. Guess what? The Arab maps don't mention Israel. You're just proving that your tactics are the same as that of the people you call "terrorists."

    There are millions who identify themselves as Palestinian. The CIA Factbook has sections for both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (funny how this nonexistent country gets two sections, huh?) in which it describes the ethnicity as PALESTINIAN. The word Palestinian is mentioned twenty times in the Gaza Strip section and and nineteen in the West Bank section.

    If the Palestinians have no country of their own, it should be seen as a shame to the rest of the world, not as reason to criticize these poor people.

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    Go to Israel and take a right. It's called Jordon.

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    Palestine is the proper name for the area which is now made of mainly Israel. Occupied Palestine is a very big thorn in the Western world's side as it is a reflection of hypocrisy. The Palestinian people are now reduced to the Gaza Strip and parts of the Hebron. Israel has only existed for the last sixty years so people from Palestine have a right to be indignant about the apparent disappearance of their country. Rather than look at a U.S. or U.K. map I would look in your history books about the sixty years worth of injustices that have been done to the Palestinian people. Do not be blinkered by the acts of a few and I mean a small number of Palestinians in their acts of terrorism but do look at the number of illegal acts committed by the Israeli military and government, particularly the invasion and occupation of parts of Jordan, the Lebanon and Syria.

  • It's that region where Jordan and Israel are now situated. Maps made before 1948 will show it as 'The British Mandate of Palestine.' These maps are also convenient if you wish to locate Yugoslavia or Persia.

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    There is a Palestine, it's just occupied right now. When you watch the news you will hear "in the occupied territories today....what they speak of is Palestine. Tomorrow if the Mexicans came up and occupied America, which nationality would you say you belong to? You would forever continue to say you are American. Cheers!

    edit to your edit to Crystal: You mean if Mexico came and occupied your land, you would call yourself Mexican?

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    See the link below

    Palestine is being stolen using American tax money and lives

    This is the main reason for the global conflict with Islam and Americans are mugs for falling for it

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    it wasn't that long ago

    palestine is present day israel

    palestinians are arabs and israelies are jews

    there is still a major conflict between them because they both believe it is there land

    Source(s): we had a major discussion about this in my class
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    it has taken me a long time to answer your question, because i looked all over for it and couldnt find it on google or any map

  • I agree with both Rachel & crystal clear's answers

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