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Please HELP! Does hair dye wash out or grow out first? 10 points best answer!?

I'm dyeing my hair for the first time and i'm kinda nervous... it's not a big change, just making it a little lighter. but if its horrible...does it wash out eventually? I'm just using the normal L'Oreal Luminesence box dye. Will it wash out before it grows out?

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    It depends on what type of dye it is. Offhand, sorry, i don't know what the L'Oreal Luminesence box dye is. My guess is permanent. That means it'll probably grow out before it washes out completely. If you got a semi-permanent dye (which you usually get at hairdressers) it will deffinatly wash out before it grows out, but will still last about a month.

    Although, if you really hate the color, you can wash your hair with cheapo shampoos ($2 suave) and condition it a lot a lot to make it fade / wash out faster.

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    well it doesn't actually WASH out but it does fade or change colors, usually lightens up a bit, or a lot depending on the brand of dye or your hair type. Also if you're going to be out in the sun a lot this summer or in swimming pools with chlorine it will fade. Using a shampoo made for color treated hair can help maintain the color longer. As for growing out... nah, if you do decide that you want your natural color back you'll have to wait a long time for it to naturally grow out, and the two tone head of hair...not attractive! You'll be better off dying it a color close to your natural color and maintaining it that way. Once you start dying your hair it is an on going process and can be expensive. But hey don't get me wrong it's a lot of fun too. Every time you do it you feel like a new person. My niece just died hers jet black. and with the tan that she's sporting we are now calling her Pocahontas. (a new person)

    It's fun so just do it. WARNING: do not let your friends who have started their cosmetology school work on you. When they say "I'll do it for you" RUN as fast as you can haha. unless you have a good relationship and sense of humor.

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    You have to buy a semi, demi or permanent.

    If you buy a semi-permanent dye, it will wash out in 6-12 shampoos.

    If you buy a demi-permanent dye, it will last longer, about 24-30 shampoos.

    If you buy a permanent dye, it cannot be washed out and it has to grow out.

    If I were you, I'd buy the semi, see if you like it, if you don't, just be patient for a week or two and it will wash out.

    If you do like it, go to the store will your semi permanent box and look for the same color, then buy the demi.

    Permanent hair color contains ammonia and peroxide, which can damage hair, if I were you, I'd just stick to the first two.

    Good luck mate!

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    It will fade, but unless you are using semi permanent dye [which im guessing you're not] it will never go back to your natural hair colour unless you grow it out first. Hair grows typically about 1/2 and inch a month so it would take over a year to grow out if it looks bad. It will never completely wash out. But it'll fade, and probably have a green or orange tinge to it, depending on what colour it was.

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    There are two types of dye, semi permanent and permanent. The semi permanent will wash out after a number of washes and the box usually tells you how many washes. Permanent dye does not wash out. Either dye it again with another color or you'll have to wait for it to grow out unfortunately.

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    It may fade a little bit after you dye it , but if you are using permanant dye then it will have to grow out, if you want to be able to wash your hair dye out then try using non- permanant or semi- permanant hair colour, it usually washes out in 10-30 washes if not permanant dye

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    that 1 will grw out.. give it a couple washes before you decide wether you relle like it or not, some people dye there hair and at the very first moment it is shocking coloured, but the calms down to a more natural look after a few washes..

    hope u look fabulous!!

    and if you dont like it, just wait a day or so and dye it back


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    It all depends on what type of dye you are using. If you use a temporary dye then it will wash out faster. If you use a permanent dye then it will grow out. If its your first time I suggest the temporary first.

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    Permanent hair color fades, but does not wash out. Even non-permanent hair color never completely washes out. It will have to grow out and if you hate the color and want to go back to natural...this too can prove to be a challenge.

    Good luck.

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