Is it possible Im a Scorpio?

I certainly think so but would like another opinion.

I have Stellium in the 8th house(is it a stellium?): Venus, Mercury, Mars,Ceres,Vesta and Juno;

Mars is the most dominant planet in my chart(planet of Scorpio);

I have 4 aspects with Pluto;3 aspects with Mars;

Imum coeli in Scorpio;

2 asteroids(Ixis and Quaoar) in Scorpio;

Part of Spirit in Scorpio along with 7 other lots in Scorpio.

I maybe even have Sun in the 8th house but Im not sure. (help me understand) I need 10 degrees for my Sun to be in the 8th house.(its actually in the 9th house) but I ve heard that 5-10 degrees is still considers to be a cusp. So is my Sun in the 8th or 9th house?(the explanation I ve read for Sun in the 8th house for me is corecct 100% and the 9th 60%)

Please help me with this. Thank you.


(Here are my info just in case: 21.04.1979 , 13:25 PM , Rijeka Croatia)(dont see myself in Aries/Taurus)


I think I asked the wrong question!!!

What I wanted to ask is do I have some or a lot of Scorpio characteristics being I have so many things in Scorpio and strong 8th house(house of Scorpio)

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  • Athene
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    1 decade ago
    Favorite Answer should be able to give you a precise natal horoscope (try their Free Horoscopes section).

    You'll see your Sun is well inside your 9th house, in Taurus.

    Saturn is rather strong in your chart (eg. it is your 'rising planet', in the 1st house, conjunct your Ascendant and trine your Sun. Saturn's nature is opposite that of the Sun, thus reducing (cooling) your Taurean nature. I would say Saturn is your dominant planet.

    Remember the 1st house is associated with the 'self', as is Aries, so your Arian (eg. impulsive) nature will too be tempered (by Saturn).

    Liz Greene's book on Saturn is a good read, IMV.

    A strong 8th house (yours contains your Sun's ruler [Venus], your Ascendant's ruler [Mercury], and Mars; Mars and Mercury being in Aries) incidates that you would be quite involved in 8th house matters (the 8th house is associated with Scorpio). Your Mercury and Venus are trine your Jupiter, which boosts their significance. Your 8th house also contained 3 major asteroids.

    Your Mars (the traditional ruler of Scorpio) is opposite your Pluto (the modern ruler of Scorpio). If you read this

    you'll recognise a lot of traits associated with Scoprio.

    Your Chiron was in Taurus. This is associated with being better able to look after other peoples' material items better than your own (Scorpio/8th house is associated with other peoples' assets). It is also associated with a damaged sense of self-worth (the self [ego] is associated with the Sun/Leo and 1st house(Aries)).

    Furthermore, your Chiron is loosely conjunct your Sun. This can be associated with helping others but not so much self (a Scorpio trait), low self-worth (reinforcement of Saturn in the 1st etc, diminished Sun energy), and a suspicion of others (a Scorpio trait).

    Also note that Leo is on the cusp of your 12th house, your Ascendant being in Virgo. As this

    explains, your self/ego/power (Sun energy) is 'locked up' (the 12th house being associated with what is hidden, jail etc.

    Your Moon is trine Pluto. You'll see here

    that the traits are similar to Scorpio.

    I hope that helps!



    Source(s): I also have Taurean Sun in the 9th, Leo on the 12th house cusp, Virgo Ascendant, Venus-in-Aries in the 8th, and a strong Saturn.
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  • 1 decade ago

    October 24 - November 22 is Scorpio

    You are a Taurus which is April 21 – May 21

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  • 1 decade ago

    what's your B- day?,Anywhere from Oct-Nov,I know is a Scorpio depending on the day,there cool and fun to be around..

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