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Who else is sick of "unique" baby names that they are made up and mispelled?

No offense, I understand everyone has the right to name their child as they wish, but I think some of these "unique" names are ridiculous.

I hate when people mispell names with the purpose of being unique -- I mean, come on, there's no reason to spell Benjamin as "Bingimyn".

Also, I am so tired of names like Neveah and Clorander and Bellaiden and all these other weird names people combine or just completely make up. Yes, I understand all names were "made up" at some point, but that was thousands of years ago, and they have become an institution, but to just completely make up names that aren't even like places or things or ANYTHING, just totally made up, is bizarre. It's not cool to name your kid Anyakate or some other made up stuff like that. Everytime I see that stupid name I pronounce it "Anyuhkarate" in my head!

I'm not saying everyone should be named Jennifer or Thomas, a River or Maxim or Creed is fine and good for diversity, but it I see flippin' Neveah one more time...


Sorry, obviously my question should read, "that are made up and mispelled?" not that THEY are...

Update 2:

I just want to add, so you all know, I would never criticize someone I knew if they were naming their kid something weird. I feel it is definitely a person's prerogative to name their kid what they want, after all, you have the right to make your own decisions, good and bad. But here on these boards, since it's anonymous (as I'm sure most of you agree) I can express what I really think more easily rather than telling my best friend she's an idiot for naming her kid Neveah or whatever, you know?

It's not like this keeps me awake at night or anything, it's just nice to see that people are equally as bewildered with this crazy naming trend as I am.

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    I work in a school and I always have kids with names I have never seen. The worst part is when you mispronounce the name, the kid will often get upset. I always want to tell them, "Hey, it's not my fault your parents gave you a weird name!"

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    actually i think it is a selfish thing for a parent to do.it is their effort to be creative and different by using these awful made up misspelled inappropriate names???but they do not have to live with it.i think they should for at least the length of the pregnancy they should pretend that their names is shenniquah waddleducksworth and see how other people respond to such a hideous fake name.after having to tell people over and over how to spell it or say it or getting the look that says my heavens you poor person your mom must have been on drugs or something then maybe they would realize it is a terrible idea and just not do it!!!!!imagine the name on a job application or a application for college or to finance a home or lease a apartment.first impressions count.sometimes your name on paper is all that other people will know about you.also what you think is a cute baby name think about this you are only a baby for a short time these names are not so great for grown ups or old people which is the biggest part of your life baby names that are so cutesy then really are not.what has happened to common sense and values!!!!i know how you feel i cringe when i see the misspelled made up names today's kids have and i wonder how they will ever learn how to read or write!!! it is so sad!!!

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    My daughter's an ice skater, and I feel so sorry for the kids with "unique" names who have to skate out on the ice smiling, right after the announcer has stammered through a mangled approximation to their name and they can see the judges struggling not to laugh.

    Children are special all by themselves. I don't understand why any parent would want to make their child unique by giving them the stupidest name in the class. Sure, it's unique...but who wants to be unique like that?

    Oh, and it's "Nevaeh it's heaven spelt backwards", not "Neveah" :D

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    Well, we could only agree on about 2 names, River and Eve. We were wanting to put her name in painted letters on the wall of her nursery, so went out to price them. We found some we liked, and without a word to each other we just started grabbing the letters "R" "I" "V" "E" "R". After a second it dawned on me what we had just done, and I looked at my husband and said...well I guess we picked her name. We have also been asked a lot about the name River. That is a combination of things..first I liked the name when we saw it in a name book, and it is also a metaphor often used to refer to the spirit of God and as a Christian that really appealed to me. We are also just water people..hubby is a diver and I have always been a "water baby." Also, I like that a river can be peaceful, deep reflective, serene, but also a powerful force of nature. It is life giving and provides for many, and in literature often represents the ever flowing passing of time, and I like to be reminded that we are just a small bit in the big scheme of things and life always goes on. I also just liked the way it sounded for a girl, even though it is usually used for a boy. And my hubby went for it even though "it sounds a bit hippy" because of all those reasons and he is a "Firefly" fan :).

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    Fiona is actually a very new name. My name, Olivia, was actually made up by Shakespeare.

    I think that children shouldn't be given ridiculous names because it puts them at a disadvantage. I think this trend will fade away when people realize what a mess it is when they have to constantly spell normal names for people.

    I would never give a trendy or newly made-up name to a child, but some people do and that's not my business. I just think people don't realize what impact a name actually has.

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    I don't like it when people mispell common names justo to be unique....

    I also don't like the stupid backwards Neveah thing.... I also don't like the made up ones...

    But I think the combo names are fine if they do it right.

    For example: (bad)

    * Jessierae

    * Jeseerai

    * Juhsyray

    For example: (good)

    * JessieRae

    * Jessie-Rae

    It's just the way in which you do it....

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    i dont think people are being diverse by calling there kid "tiphanee" or "tahylah".. messing around with letters and making up names is just plain stupid.. do people want their kids to be ridiculed for having a slightly "off" name? what is the world coming too.. uno i heard that someone called their kid "moon unit" i mean come on...shall we stick to the good originals..there are interesting nice names out there that arent tacky or stupid

    lol just thought id get that out because i cant agree more with your point of view!

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    i totaly agree i mean so many people are so afraid of naming their kida common name that uncommon names are common and you rarely see common names.... my name is emily and there were only 2 in my grade of over 700 and i love my name i love how it is a classic and my mom is a teacher and she can't pronounce half her kid's names and i am a nurse and wow thats crazy sometimes... my kids are named alexis lauren and bret they are classic and you don't see them everywhere only because of all the crazy names and people spelling emily emma-lee or ha the worst emelie i have seen it i love classic names they are so pretty though there are some classic names combined... i knew a baby named jennabeth which i thought was beautiful but what i don't understand the most is why people naem their kids crazy things only to call them something common i have nothing against people with crazy names or people who name them crazy names like ha i heard one named shithead (pronounced sh-i-th-eed) i mean why? or female (fuh-mall-ee) it is just something i will never understand and it gets frustrating when working with tons of kids (nurse in childerens hospital) and you are expected to know their names by reading them oh well i just know where you are coming from

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    Naming a baby is such a massive responsibility, not to be taken lightly or to be made fun of. A name has to suit all stages... baby through to Granny... and some names are just ridiculous for a toddler, let alone an OAP. I agree not every1 should pick boring names that are very common, but making names up is ridiculous!!!

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    Well having Jennifer as a name sucks because every girl has it. For my second son it was hard to pick out a name. I was tired of hearing very common names everywhere. I named him Keedan (Key-dan). I found out that there is another boy named this and spelled the same way.

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    Yes, I've seen people asking about some pretty stupid names on here. Poor kids having to grow up with lousy first names. I wonder how many beatings those kids will take at school before their parents say "Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to give him/her that name?"

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