what is the lisbon treaty and why did the irish say no to it?

thanks in advance you kind people =)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    the lisbon treaty calls for a Big Brother EU

    the president & main council would not be voted in by the citizens but by the elite bankers & nobility in the Bilderberg group. a secret group which is never mentioned on mainstream news. they have a meeting every year (obama & hillary were both at this year's 6th-8th June) but notice here, the lack of reporters & photographers who would normally go crazy about such a high-profile event:


    the reason for high gas prices is because Bilderberg want $200 per barrel of oil, at the moment it's 'only' about $138


    an ID card with all your financial information would be issued first, then the VeriChip that goes under your skin.

    & if you step out of line, it can be turned off.

    no bank account = no food

    that's too much power to give someone you haven't even elected yourself. so,


    great beer, great accent, great music, great people!

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