What's the difference between numbers and numerals?

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please explain in a simple way..
if you could give an example, better..

thank you!
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A number is a unit belonging to an abstract mathematical system. For example, when you think of the number two, you can imagine it to be one item and another item...a concept of how many it is. In order to signify which number it is, we use the numeral "2". In short, the numeral defines the concept of what the number is.
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  • ? answered 6 years ago
    None of these are entirely correct.

    A number is a value assigned to a quantity. For instance, you might see six geese flying north for the summer.

    In this case, the "number" of geese is six. It represents a specific quantity of geese.

    Pi is also a number, representing the ratio between the circumference and diameter of a circle. It represents a certain quantity (approximately 3.1415927).

    A "numeral" is any written symbol which you might use to represent a number or quantity. The figure 6, which you might draw using a pen or pencil, or type on your keyboard or text on your cell phone, is an Arabic numeral.

    OK, you may also use VI, the Roman numeral. Or, you may use 6 dots, or 6 slashes. Or you may use the Chinese symbol, or the Mayan symbol. Each of these is a way of representing the number 6, and each of them is a "numeral."
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  • Yu Ming H answered 6 years ago
    a number is a number, a numeral is a word that expresses a number
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  • gary s answered 6 years ago
    Numbers are plural(more than one) and numerals are singular.(only one),many use them interchangeably.
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  • Jeff answered 6 years ago
    Numbers are 1,2, 3 etc; numerals are when letters are used to represent a number like in Roman Numerals where I= 1's, V= 5's, X= 10"s...
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  • ♥ Heaven ♥ Lee ♥ answered 6 years ago
    Number: 1,5, 10
    Numeral: I, V, X
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