At the 1st time sex bloods come from vegina of girls ? is it true ? why ?

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  • Kajjo answered 6 years ago
1) No, only less than 50% of all girls bleed when having sexual intercourse for the first time.

2) Most girls suffer from mild pain when the hymen gets torn during their first sex.

3) If a girl bleeds, the blood originates from the torn hymen which is located about 0,5 inch inside the vaginal opening. Thus, the blood does NOT come from the vagina, but from the hymen, which belongs to the vulva (outside genitalia).

4) "Why?": The vaginal opening is covered by a thin membrane, which hole is wide enough to let fingers or tampons pass, but which is so narrow as to be torn when larger objects like a penis enters the vagina. This membrane is called hymen.

I have added a nice link to the "cool nurse" which explains everything in laymen's terms.


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  • Erin answered 6 years ago
    At the entrance of the vagina, there is a membrane called the hymen. During sex, this membrane can tear, causing some bleeding.

    This does not happen for all girls because the majority of girls at least partially tear their hymens at a young age due to simply being active. Tampon use can cause tearing as well. And there are some girls (like me) who were born without a hymen. There is also a chance that you won't bleed if your hymen is flexible to stretch to accommodate a penis.

    Many girls believe that you are only a virgin if your hymen is intact. This simply isn't true (if it was, I was never a virgin, even when I was born). Virginity is not a physical status, it is a social one. Doctors are not able to tell if a girl is a virgin or not, unless there are signs of recent sexual activity.
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  • LooLoo answered 6 years ago
    it is not always the case...the reason blood occurs is due to a thin layer of skin that gets ripped the first time anything enters has been proven that not all girls will bleed tho as it is easy for the hymen to be ripped during times of rigerous activity or sports even if they havent had sex!
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  • Suresh M answered 6 years ago
    It is not in the case of girls but it happens in case of guy too.
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  • Yay answered 6 years ago
    It is true, the bleeding is due to a thin piece of tissue that women have in their vagina. During sex this tissue is torn and may bleed a bit. It may also be torn becuase of a tampon. To check whether a girl is virgin or not, a doctor may check to see if the tissue is still in place.
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  • karen s answered 6 years ago
    generally true. the first time the hymen breaks and the vagina opening tears a little. this is where the blood comes from. but it doesnt happen all the time though
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  • 私のため answered 6 years ago
    Coz a girl has a membrane and if a guy is having sex with her and it's her first time then that membrane will tear apart...and that's why there comes blood. But not all girls have that coz some girls .. do sports and if they stretch to much then that membrane will tear/stretch out so then if she will have sex for the first time then i will be less painfull.
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  • warren_jeffs answered 6 years ago
    false. because I say so.


    OBGYN, since 2007.
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