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Montessori 蒙特梭利五大領域 急!


(我要英文的! 可以的話 請給我英文的大概介紹)






謝謝! ^^

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    ◎Daily life educating 日常生活教育

    Daily life is practised, including basic movement , life etiquette , treatment oneself , treatment environment. Training the coordination ability of movements of infant's limbs mainly, make it adapt to the environment, establish the foundation of independent life; And train children's patience and attention by this, the good habits and acquired characteristics of the thing that and help each other , love.

    ◎The sense organ educating 感官教育

    Human intelligence is built and constructed and needed to be set about by the sense organ, and then it is cognitive to produce , become intelligence. Because it is that the intelligence build basic education the most constructed that the sense organ is educated, covered with the special shuttleless loom profit and developed according to the infant's sense organ, design a set of sense organs education. Its direct purpose is to train infant's sharp sense organ; The indirect purpose is training the habits and acquired characteristics and ability that the infant observes , compares , judges .

    ◎Mathematics educating 數學教育

    Common people regard mathematics as difficult discipline , mostly fear its ' abstract speciality '. So, are covered with the special shuttleless loom profit and maintained that mathematics is educated and should be trained from the sense organ and set about, form the ability to observe , analysing, and attentive with the habits and acquired characteristics of the order, making use of the teaching aid of mathematics and teaching activity , through repetitive operation of teaching aid , make infant relaxed count and concept of quantity abstract symbol in a proper order naturally, enter and then arithmetic, reasoning habits and acquired characteristics that form naturally.

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    ◎Chinese educating語文教育

    0-6years old is the sensitivity period of infant's language.At this moment,if the adult can give assistance with clear , correct pronunciation,expand his vocabulary field, the infant can break into good language ability .

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    So,are covered with the special sharp teacher of shuttleless loom with correct pronunciation first,training the infant's sense of hearing, make use of omnipresent teaching at random again , strengthen language ability.Writing sensitive one to breaks out latly to 5 years old of the infant,

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    but via cover with special shuttleless loom daily life of profit train and sense organ practise(whether sense of hearing,sense of touch,vision progress greatly),the infant has already had foundation of preparing read ,

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    ◎Natural humane education自然人文教育

    The first four kinds of education contents focus on that infant's intelligence is built and constructed , the character one is formed; The natural humane education bases on the great human environment, the purpose is to train the infant's world outlook ,

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    world view , in order to adapt to the social environment, the life that and then can be happy. The content of the natural humane education includes natural education , history ground education , music education , art education ,etc.. Have included various kinds of knowledge , such as person ,

    2008-06-16 00:42:56 補充:

    ground , thing , thing related to mankind's living environment ,etc.such asmoving , botany , astronomy , geology , history , music , working beautifully ,etc. among them . Making of these teaching aids,

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    mostly covered with the special sharp teacher of shuttleless loom according to different geography , humane environment of all parts and designed, have strong localization color.

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