A really long question for a really short answer lol-iPhone 3G?

So, I live in the UK and i have a vodafone contract, i will not change it as i have a brilliant price and i will never get it again, £15 a month and that is just perfect for me. I desperatly want an iPhone 3G, however damn apple will not release it on any other network except O2, however in New Zealand, Australia and Italy they are releasing it on vodafone, My question is, will my UK vodafone sim card work in a New Zealandish (lol), Australian or an Italian iPhone 3G??

Also how would i go about getting one from New Zealand, Australia or Italy??


i dont want to get a new price plan i just want to buy the phone on pay as you go

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    whoaa long question.... OK my answer's are gonna go through steps:

    1. Go for the vodafone contract as that's a rare bargain and how the hell did you get that deal?

    2. The iPhone 3G sounds really good from the original but with all due respect it ain't too much of a difference from the original:

    * Color: Black (8 GB or 16 GB) or white (16 GB)

    Size: 4.5 in (110 mm) (h) × 2.4 in (61 mm) (w) × 0.48 in (12 mm) (d)

    Weight: 133 g (4.7 oz)

    * Tri band UMTS/HSDPA (850, 1900, 2100 MHz)

    * Assisted GPS, with fallback to location based on Wi-Fi or cell towers

    * Camera features geotagging (producing geocoded photograph)

    * Battery has up to 10 hours of 2G talk, 5 hours of 3G talk, 5 (3G) or 6 (Wi-Fi) hours of Internet use, 7 hours of video playback, and up to 24 hours of audio playback, lasting over 300 hours on standby.[21]

    Although all these small differences make a big change...

    3. Any Country other than here will be better to buy, cause its always expensive here and always will be:

    * Check out for Germany since they sell unlocked 3G iphones or North America, there heavily populated by them...

    * Purchase a foreign iPhone designed for vodafone as any Vodafone Sim will work regardless of region/country

    *I'm guessing it'll be cheaper in the U.S due to demand but search the currency difference online...

    4. If you get a UK iPhone then it'll be hard to unlock cause it's got a feature called a sim ejector found on the top of the device... specialised hackers or a few phone unlockers can deal with this.


    If yer getting a foreign device then do it online and check:

    * That the website has a official security certificate

    * It also has a Paypal system

    * Check that it has the correct contact details (Just check that it's not fraudulent)

    I reckon go to a US website like Walmart or Virgin US etc but be cautious of what you purchase (at yer own risk)

    Hope that helps...

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    I suppose if you traveled to New Zealand, Australia, or Italy and had buy your iPhone from on of thier stores, activate it under your name and travel back to the UK it might work. But since your in the UK you'd probably be given a new number that would be a New Zealand, Australian or Italian number. So basically when someone wants to call ya it would be like them dialing a number out of the country. I highly doubt they will allow you to keep your UK number because, well, it's a UK number. It's like me living in the USA, moving to Japan and switching to a Japan AT&T plan but asking to keep my USA number. Then when someone in Japan needs to call me they are calling a USA number instead of a Japan number. Make sence? And way too much trouble for just a phone don't ya think?

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