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Child Support in Arkansas?

We have a court order stating how much he is to pay monthly. I have gone to the Office of Child Support Enforcement and opened a case with them. My ex is 90 days behind now and owes over $5000 in back support. The OCSE can not garnish his pay because he is self employed.

Anyone here have any knowledge of laws regarding this matter and/or suggestions as to what I can do? I can't afford an attorney.



I should have said I can't afford to hire another attorney again. This is the third time me ex has gotten behind in child support and refuse to pay. So I was hoping OCSE would do something.

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    normally, they suspend license after 3 mths. behind.

    Enforcing a Child Support Order

    1. How does OCSE collect child support?

    OCSE has numerous tools available to assist custodial parents in collecting current child support and arrearages associated with support. One of the primary tools or methods is to attach the wages of the noncustodial parent through income withholding. OCSE can also file property liens, report child support debts to credit agencies, and suspend driver's and other licenses, intercept income tax refunds, prepare your case for court action, and petition another state for assistance when needed. This list below contains some of the actions OCSE can take to enforce support.

    Attach wages through income withholding orders

    Attach unemployment compensation

    Attach workmen's compensation (Labor & Industries)

    Attach pensions not protected under federal law

    Attach non-earned funds payable to the noncustodial parent

    Attach settlements as the result of lawsuits

    Attach insurance claims

    Attach funds in financial institutions

    File liens with county auditors where real or personal property is located

    File liens against vehicles licensed with the Department of Revenue

    Seize property held in safety deposit boxes

    Seize vehicles or other personal property for sale at public auction

    Request the suspension of drivers, professional, and recreational licenses

    Refer cases for contempt of court action

    Attach federal IRS income tax refunds and other federal payable funds

    Request that the U.S. State Department deny the issuance of a passport

    Report debt to credit reporting agencies

    Offset state income tax refunds

    Refer cases to other states where the noncustodal parent resides for establishment or enforcement

    Federal and state law require that OCSE wait until a certain amount of debt is reached before OCSE takes some actions, such as license suspension and tax offset certification. While OCSE cannot guarantee its success or collections, OCSE representatives will utilize all available enforcement actions to attempt to obtain the support to which your child is entitled.

    2. What are the time frames for OCSE to take action on a case?

    Time frames vary and each case is different. One of the most important steps that OCSE must take with almost every action is to serve the noncustodial parent with advance notice of the action. This is a legal requirement and allows the noncustodial parent "due process" to contest or appeal the action. Since many people move frequently and some people deliberately try to avoid being served with a notice of action, this often requires a long time to accomplish.

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