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What does "oro" mean in Japanese? What about Italian?

My friend says it means "huh?" in Japanese.... And in a manga I was reading it said "oro" means gold in Italian.

Are both right?

Btw.... Yes, I know those two languages have completely different roots.... This is really two seperate questions....

Please don't use an online translator thing to answer this. If you don't know, go answer a different question and don't waste my time.

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    Your friend's right!

    "oro" in Italian means "gold" and d'oro OR dorato=golden.

    "oro" in Japanese means "what?" or "huh?"

    Source(s): Italian native speaker
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    Oro Meaning

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    Oro Definition

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    dont know about Japanese

    But in Spanish and Italian oro means gold

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    oro means gold in italian..

  • 1 decade ago

    yea it means "huh" in japanese. kenshin uses it all the time in the rurouni kenshin anime/manga

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    japenese = i dont know that well because i dont so just think is this friend reaally worth believeing

    italian = gold so ur friend was right

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