where did the black people eat a lot of watermelon stereotype come from?

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    Poor blacks in the south had to eat whatever was easy to make and cheap back in the days. Watermelon was easy to grow in those seasons. Same thing goes for chitlins (pig-intestines), they were cheaper than beef and what not. It's just that families start cooking them more and more and the stereotype passed on.

    The thing is that poor white people in the south ate the same thing but you know how ignorant people are? They like to make a stereotype gesture to a certain race, but the blacks did eat it more back then since it was slave times and it's what they could afford with segregration and all.

    Source(s): African American History Class
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    Watermelon Black People

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    I'm sure it came from America, but I'm not exactly sure about the "watermelon thing." I have seen on the History Channel that slave owners in the southern US used to give their slaves a chicken on holidays, like Christmas, as a special gift for a meal. The slaves would kill it and fry it since that was the easiest, cheapest and most readily available method for them to cook with since only the wealthy had ovens back in the day. So, I figure that's where the "fried chicken thing" came from. I'm pretty sure that watermelons grow, or at least, used to be grown in the south because of it's long growing season, so maybe the slaves had access to them, too. Maybe they were allowed to grow them in their own gardens. I think The Seal is right. I didn't think about the high water content. The slaves probably needed more water than anyone else because they worked so long and hard in the hot sun, in the hot summers in the south and would probably become dehydrated more easily because of it. I'm surprised that so many have never heard this stereotype before, though I can understand why you in England wouldn't have.

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    Poor blacks in the south had to eat whatever was convenient & less expensive-watermelon bc its easy to grow & chicken is a lot cheaper than beef or pork. Its also a little easier to raise chickens. The habit of eating chitlins (pig intestines) came out of these conditions too & eating fried foods overall. You don't need an oven to bake just a stove top is used for frying. Funny thing is, poor white southerners ate/eat the same way-who do they think we got our eating habits from? But ppl just loovvvve stereotypes so there you go. I'm surprised you haven't heard about it. I had a tutor who's Indonesian who asked me why black ppl love watermelon so much. Seriously.

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    Even the Egyptian slaves carried watermelon like canteens that's what I read. The blacks in the south made meals of what white people threw away , pig discards, I guess chicken wings and whatever was abundant in the field's that was planted including watermelon on a scorching day it gave them food and water.

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    Media depiction.

    Watermelon was cheap and plentiful and easy to grow in the south. What this means is EVERYONE ate a lot of it. But after some fruit crate labels and a few movies showing "dem crazy black folk" eating watermelon, it became a stereotype.

    Sad commentary on our society.

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    Because for many years working in the feilds of the South for watermelons and cotton, it became their choice of fruit.

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    I am white and I love watermelon and KFC chicken. No joke.

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    Maybe there was an abundance of watermelons grown in the southern United States where most racial prejudice happened in the 20th century?

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    I read that all the time . Watermelons and KFC . I would like to know where that came from too .

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