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How does wikipedia update information so fast?

Tim Russert, the NBC newsman died this afternoon. I went on wikipedia to read up about him since I didn't know alot about him, his death was already updated. How does wikipedia update their information so fast?

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    Wikipedia pretty much relies on user input to create and update pages for everything. Tim Russert's death has been greatly publicized today. Someone heard about it, went on Wikipedia, and updated his page to reflect this. It takes about five minutes to add an update, especially if you're an experienced Wikipedia user.

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    We watch the news and when there is a big story we track it on Wikipedia. So several dozen people probably worked on Tim Russert's article, or at least checked it to see if it had been updated.

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    Wikipedia does nothing, all the information is a non-paid collaboration from million users around the world.

    So the fast someone knows something and post it, the faster Wikipedia is updated.

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    Tim Russert Wiki

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    they're are a lot of wikipedia editors.but everyone could just press edit and make this information updated so fast!

  • people can just go on there and update it at any time. just press Edit

  • Anonymous
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    People like you and me, also people who are in the industry of CNN, ABC, FOX, ECT

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